eXcelisys releases X-RentalTracker – FileMaker Pro productivity template

[prMac.com] South Bend, Indiana – eXcelisys, Inc., today is proud to announce the release of the eX-RentalTracker, a productivity template utilizing the latest innovations of FileMaker Pro(R) 15. The eX-RentalTracker is for rental businesses who’ve found out-of-the-box software solutions too clunky and custom-built systems too expensive.

“After working with multiple customers constructing tailor-made rental-tracking solutions for their businesses, we decided to build a jumpstart solution for the masses,” said Doug West, eXcelisys VP for product development. “The eX-RentalTracker comes pre-built with many of the standard features our rental business clients have been requesting.” The app tracks inventory, bookings, returns, customer contacts, invoices and payments. The eX-RentalTracker can be used on a desktop PC (Mac/Windows) with certain task-based functions available on iPads.

See the eX-RentalTracker in Action Today:
Business owners interested in the eX-RentalTracker can request a FREE demo copy via the eXcelisys website. After receiving the eX-RentalTracker demo, you can tool around in the app to see how easy and intuitive it is to use. The tabbed interface makes navigation a cinch. You won’t need a tutorial to figure out how the eX-RentalTracker works. The “home” screen includes a “Quick Tasks” bar that provides rapid access to the tasks most frequently used in rental app solutions.

The eX-RentalTracker simplifies daily processes. Features include:
* Inventory availability calendar (prevents double booking)
* Kitting (allows multiple items to be packaged in a single rental kit)
* Barcodes/handheld scanners (for quick check-out/check-in)
* Instant invoicing (no more entering long strings of product numbers)
* Equipment tracking (prompts users to select the condition of returned items at check-in so broken inventory doesn’t get placed back on the shelf)

FileMaker Pro Templates Help Customers:
The eXcelisys development team built the eX-RentalTracker to save their customers time and money in the pursuit of the perfect rental inventory management system. For more than a decade, eXcelisys has been designing jumpstart FileMaker Pro template solutions, starting with the FileMaker Pro BizTracker in 2004 (for sales-driven businesses). The BizTracker evolved into a full lineup of eX-File solutions, including the eX-TruckingTracker (which tracks trips, miles and expenses) and the eX-EvalTracker (used to archive employee performance).

Recently, eXcelisys assisted Cinema Camera Rentals with a custom inventory management app. Cinema Camera used the eXcelisys BizTracker5 as a foundational template. “This approach helped me the most from a time standpoint,” said Cinema Camera rental manager Matt Stemmley. “Instead of dedicating the energy to figure out how I wanted the system to be laid out, I instead hit the ground running on envisioning functionality.”

The eX-BizTracker has been a popular and steady jumping-off point for countless eXcelisys customers requesting software development and has continued to evolve since 2004. Ever proactive, eXcelisys developers modified the tried-and-true eX-BizTracker to create the eX-RentalTracker by adding features and functionality common to and frequently requested in the rental industry.

Stemmley advises business owners to take advantage of the eX-RentalTracker. “Future customers of eXcelisys in any sort of rental capacity will ideally be able to start with the eX-RentalTracker base and add features as they see fit. Stemmley says he highly recommends the eX-RentalTracker to anyone considering a rental app based on the FileMaker Pro platform. “In my opinion, it will save them countless hours that could be dedicated to other areas of design and functionality.”

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