Excel Software Announces Cloud License 1.1 with New Servers and Runtimes

[prMac.com] Henderson, Nevada – Excel Software today announces the Cloud License 1.1 API, supported by new server and runtime software. Cloud License consists of URL commands to activate, validate, release, restore and reset a software license. Supported license types include Product, Time-Limited, Execution-Limited, Date-Limited and Subscription Licenses. New commands were added in Cloud License 1.1 to support time-limited Trial licenses that can be transitioned to a Product or Subscription license with Serial Number activation. Other API enhancements include license status, customer search and server logging features from the protected application.

Cloud License is supported by two activation servers, Safe Activation Service 3 and Cloud License Server. Safe Activation is an online service where a developer logs into a Vendor account and fills in some screens with data about each product they sell. That product data is linked to a batch of Serial Numbers and a customized license activation screen. Cloud License Server is a self-hosted activation server that runs on the developer’s own Linux or Windows based website. Safe Activation Service 3 and Cloud License Server 1.1 have been enhanced to support Cloud License 1.1.

Cloud License can be used by any device or computer with Internet access. It supports any programming environment or OS that can request a URL string and perform conditional logic on the returned response string. To simplify implementation on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows computers, the new CloudRT 1.0 provides drop in runtime files for popular development environments. CloudRT constructs, sends and receives URL commands, stores and manages the license status and presents a customized user interface based on the license type, status and developer selected options.

CloudRT includes a static library for iOS applications developed with Swift or Objective C using Xcode. Likewise, there is a static library for Mac applications programmed in Swift or Objective C. Other Mac development environments like Xojo can use the CloudRT app. For Android, the CloudRT.jar file makes it easy use Cloud License from Java projects in Eclipse or Android Studio. On Windows, the runtime is supplied as both 32 and 64-bit DLLs or EXEs that support a variety of programming interfaces.

The CloudRT features and commands are the same regardless of the OS, programming language and development environment for consistency and implementation efficiency across platforms. The programmer calls a few functions to define the type of license and desired options and the runtime software handles the rest. For OS environments not yet supported by a runtime file, developers can implement the Cloud License API directly.

Developers pay no licensing fees based on number of products or sales of Cloud License protected software. Both human controlled and integrated online purchase, payment and Serial Number distribution are supported. Cloud License was designed for use with any affiliate, reseller, app store or distribution model.

Pricing and Availability:
Safe Activation Service 3 starts at $45/month. The self-hosted Cloud License Server 1.1 is available in several database sizes starting at $495. CloudRT 1.0 at $495 bundles all target device runtimes for the above mentioned OS/platforms. Excel Software provides a free video library and tech support for these and other protection and licensing tools.Excel Software
Cloud License 1.1
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