ExactScan 2.24 with Apple’s ImageCapture and Canon DR series support

[prMac.com] Berlin, Germany – ExactCODE GmbH releases ExactScan 2.24, with support for Apple’s ImageCapture and Canon DR scanners.

ExactScan is designed to be an easy-to-use scanning software, that supports more than 400 document scanners, including devices from Avision, Canon, Kodak, Fujitsu, Oki, Visioneer and Xerox. The drivers built into ExactScan stand for a seamless experience, long-term support and allow to use several PC document scanners on a Mac. The software allows to scan with a fingertip, simply by pressing your hardware’s device button.

With one of the fastest OCR engines built-in, ExactScan becomes the best document scanning software with an incredible amount of features that make it distinguish from the rest. Among these features is the ability to scan documents at a very high speed. This high speed is an important feature for companies dealing with several thousand documents per day and convert them into scanned formats. The OCR technology recognizes the text in images and transform scans to editable and searchable documents.

ExactScan’s built-in scanner drivers cover the whole range, from Visioneer’s portable RoadWarrior to dependable production scanners, like Canon DR and Fujitsu fi series. It delivers the best document scanning results, when it comes to business cards, bills, invoices or contracts, while the built-in OCR technology can directly save them as searchable PDFs.

ExactCODE continues to provide automated and intelligent document scanning for Apple’s OS X.

All versions of ExactScan include advanced image processing algorithms, for example the intelligent black/white thresholding, color smoothing, and blank page detection can help to decrease storage space required for the archive, while the auto-corp and de-skew can recognize the page and skew for a perfect image representations of the original page.

Additional features of ExactScan Pro : Imprinter, Barcode Recognition, OCR technology with 25 recognized languages.

ExactScan include various other facilities to help organizing the office workflow: It can scan directly to any attached printer and comes with the smart profile preset, such as: Scan 2 PDF, Scan 2 Print (Copy), Scan 2 Email – the user can start right away.

Due to the TWAIN and ImageCapture compatibility, ExactScan supports even more scanners – enabling users to take advantage of the advanced ExactScan features on top of the basic vendor drivers. The support of AppleScript allows professional users to create dedicated solutions for specific, even difficult workflows and to scan directly into a database.

ExactScan comes with support for many user-interface languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified-Chinese, Traditional-Chinese) and works with Apple Mac OS X version 10.5-10.8.

ExactScan is also available for : Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

What’s New in 2.24:
* new support for Canon and Fujitsu scanners
* new support for Apple ImageCapture compatible scanners
* improved OCR speed and accuracy
* improved de-skew and paper rotation
* improved importing PDF files on Retina MacBooks
* many other improvementsExactScan 2.24
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ExactCODE GmbH is a research and development company located in central Berlin, Germany, developing applications for Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows. The founder comes with scientific background, contributed to various Open Source projects, with expertise skills in system and application software development and hardware design. In 2005, the company first released ExactScan, a program focused on high speed document scanning and flatbed or film scanners for Apple’s Mac OS X. We continuously develop, and update our solutions based on valuable customer feedback and market demand. Copyright (C) 2013 ExactCODE GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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