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[prMac.com] Tokyo, Japan – Indie developer Tomoyoshi Natsui is proud to announce the updated Everlisten 1.1 for iOS. User can add the music from iPod library to playlist managed by this application. This application plays a music from the “Start Position”, and it plays a music for “Playback Duration”. This application displays audio levels of L/R channels graphically while it plays music. You can configure preferences, “Non-stop mode” and the others, at “Setting” view.

* Non-stop mode – if user selects “On”, the music will be started from “Start Position” and it will be ended after “Playback Duration”.
* Start Position – user can specify the start position of music at Non-stop mode.
* Playback Duration – user can specify the playback duration of music at Non-stop mode.
* Intelligent Shuffle – If user select “On”, this application shuffles the music order so that all the music may take 1 round exactly.
* Cross Fade Duration – user can specify the duration of cross fade.

Your favorite music may remind you the thought which only you felt.
Now, let’s recover you-likeness.

Update from version 1.1
* Add a new feature, “Multiple Playlists”
* Add a new feature, “Naming a Playlist”
* Add a new feature, “Artwork of Music Album”
* Fixed inappropriate Play/Pause button bug
* Fixed a Playlist table size bug. (only Portrait)
* “Intelligent Shuffle” will be reflected immediately
* Improved app transition from background to foreground

Device Requirements:
* iOS 6.1 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* 1.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Everlisten 1.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.Tomoyoshi Natsui
Everlisten 1.1
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Located in Tokyo, Japan, indie developer Tomoyoshi Natsui creates apps. Copyright (C) 2013 Tomoyoshi Natsui. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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