Evaluate and Self Reflect in the New Year 2013 with ResolutionTweet

[prMac.com] Chantilly, Virginia – Ever since the launch of the ResolutionTweet app on the web, a lot of its users, thrilled by its possibilities, have requested its creators to make it more accessible on the go. Taking note of their suggestions, WebileApps has promptly answered their wishes by launching the ResolutionTweet mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

ResolutionTweet 1.3.1 operates on the simple yet powerful idea that sharing one’s resolutions with the near and dear can boost one’s motivation to complete that resolution. The whole concept behind the ResolutionTweet is to provide people the opportunity to not only publish their resolutions but also to keep themselves reminded about it, give their friends and family the opportunity to encourage them, offer ideas and suggestions and also keep a log of one’s journey towards their desired destination in life, which the app developers are calling it “Helping you take ACTION on the Life List.”

ResolutionTweet goes by the tag-line “Social resolutions – One resolution at a time”. Here’s one sincere app that helps you keep up your resolution. The main agenda that keeps this app on the top of the feel-good apps, is the fact that it sticks to its agenda “Remember: When you commit to something in public especially with Friends and Family, you are highly likely to get it done.”

The user can sign up and log in using either Facebook or Email, following which, a host of steps lead to the completion of the resolution one had intended to achieve. High on motivation and low on procrastination, this application surely helps in boosting the user’s optimism and outlook. Resolution Tweet successfully manages to keep the user’s enthusiasm at a high by integrating with the Social Networking Services; hence keeping buddies in the loop.

The users can set reminders for the resolutions and have the option to have them sent to their email or phone. The website also has a blog section that gives creative and adventurous ideas for Resolutions to keep the users interested and excited in pursuing the goals and sticking to their resolutions. It also has well-researched articles offering meaningful advice and detailed How-to guides on popular topics as well as the resolutions made on the website. The mobile app allows the users to access all these functions on the go with much more ease.The interface of the Resolution Tweet mobile app is very minimalistic and efficient.

ResolutionTweet’s Life Progress card helps you evaluate, self reflect and take the journey of progress and growth. It helps you focus on what matters the most. It classifies each entry into various categories, like Career, Finances, Food, Lifestyle, Hobbies and Travel. Popular resolutions like ‘Maintain a consistent wake-sleep routine”, “Join a Gym, Exercise daily” or ‘Resolve to start meditation’ invariably have a ‘How to’ section, which enables better help in further providing directions to your resolution. The best part of the entire application is the methodical and often well-judged approach it takes up when providing help for utility specific resolutions like learning a new language.

When approached for feedback, this is what Ragav who created the Resolution “Have consistent wake-sleep routine” had to say “It’s very healthy right now. I sleep on time at about 10p.m and wake up by 6a.m in the morning. Yay! love the long productive days.

When we asked Mr. Sandeep Naidu the co-founder of WebileApps about ResolutionTweet this is what he said “What am I doing? Yes we all have asked or might ask this question at some point of time in our life, that moment of self reflection and realization. We are all crazy and adventurous in some ways only on a different scale and intensity and at different points of time and stage of life. We all have different interests and different priorities. But one thing most of us commonly crave is to “Do Something” that’s meaningful, fulfilling, helps us progress and grow. Something that make us happy, makes us feel satisfied. Hopefully that moment of self reflection and realization happens very early in our life before its too late. We asked ourselves “What if we could consciously create those moments before its too late?”

He also quotes George Bernard Shaw “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself”

All in all, we have an app that connects to the user at a closer level than most other apps. A sense of commitment and enabling that the app provides will surely be well appreciated by the users.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
ResolutionTweet 1.3.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. It is also available on Google Play.ResolutionTweet 1.3.1
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