Epethilial Adds Cyber Security as a New Service to its Existing Service Portfolio

Covid 19 has presented a variety of security challenges to startups, small, medium and large organizations. Whatever it is the industry, size and business type, cyber security has become the challenge as cyber attackers tactics have become sophisticated.

Global Information Security Survey by Ernst and Young reports an increase in cyber attacks such as phishing emails, and malicious apps & websites that target private and confidential information of organizations. Non-profit organizations, insurers, bankers, retailers, healthcare providers, hospitals and many more organizations have reported cyber security incidents during the Covid 19 crisis.

Considering the surge in the need of Cyber Security, Epethilial has partnered with startups in Cyber Security and built in-house knowledgeable expertise cyber security teams. With these new partnerships and capabilities added, we are now officially announcing the addition of “Cyber Security as a Service” to our existing services portfolio.

Viswanadh Pabbaraju, Director at Epethilial, says Covid pandemic has turned digitalization from necessity to mandatory, even the companies who were reluctant have also adopted digitalization. Digitized organizations require cyber security support to run their businesses successfully. So, Viswanadh says we have added “Cyber Security as a Service” to serve our existing clients and new clients.

Epethilial has categorized its Cyber Security services into
Cyber Security Process engagement
Cyber Security Technology Engagement
Cyber Security Training and Awareness
Audit & Compliance

With the above categorization, Epethilial covers 360 degree cyber security of an organization at the process, technology, awareness and compliance levels.

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