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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – Have you ever turned up to work and found out you’ve missed that amazing new show every one was talking about? Ready to finish a day at the office and watch the footy match but no-one knows where to watch it? Whatsonit has something for everyone. The app will be available to download on iPhones on the 3rd of September.

We all know that sometime in the world of TV, sports and movies we are missing out. We don’t have the time and energy to trawl through the internet and create our own personal plans for what we want to watch each month. So we miss our anticipated sports game, we forget about that show we wanted to watch and we waste time trawling through the net trying to get information we need to choose what to watch and when it’s on.

This is what the makers of Whatsonit experienced. They found that existing “solutions” didn’t offer enough. There wasn’t a single place that could provide them with all of the viewing information and planning ability that they wanted each week. They’d have to download ten different apps just to meet their needs. So they developed a robust, simple and innovative solution – an app that brings all of the reliable information you need together in one place.

The Whatsonit app is a one-stop hub of entertainment schedules. With just a few taps you can schedule and follow all of your favorite TV shows, sports matches and the latest movies in nearby cinemas. The app enables you to create your own multi-category schedule to plan around your life. It reminds you when your shows are on so you’ll never forget them again, and it allows you to filter the categories as you go, according to your preferences.

Not only can you plan ahead of time but you get to discover: TV show descriptions, film trailers, cinema information, match scores, channels showing your football match live. Share the experience of your favorite events by notifying and inviting your friends to enjoy it with you, and join in the conversations around what you’re watching on social media.

Whatsonit is the only app that can give you this much variety in a single app. You can pick and choose what suits you, and build a highly personalized, intuitive entertainment planner. Whether you want an extensive guide, a planner or a new social way to share your viewing preferences, Whatsonit has something for everyone. The app will be available to download on iPhones on the 3rd of September. Until then please check out the website to stay up to date.Whatsonit

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