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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide, are offering three Enfocus Switch Automation Bundles, that provide users savings of up to $2,619.00/1,890.00 compared with the cost of purchasing each component separately. The Enfocus Automation Bundles are designed to assist users in affordably moving to automated workflows.

“We are excited to be able to work in conjunction with Enfocus to offer users the ability to introduce automation into their workflows. These bundles give them the tools they need to set up customized workflows at a price that won’t break the bank,” offers Tami Stodghill, Press Relations for XChange UK and ThePowerXChange. “By giving users the tools they need at substantial savings, they are able to concentrate on client and customer service and also gain a competitive edge. We have more and more customers looking into automation as they know that going forward, it will provide a way to expedite otherwise manually repetitive tasks, assure better staff retention and increase profits.”

The three bundles include:

Enfocus PDF Workflow Server Bundle offers the Switch Core Engine, Configurator Module, PitStop Server 11, PitStop Pro 11 and maintenance for all products. This bundle offers all the components required to completely automate file reception, preflight, auto-correction and delivery of PDF files for any production environment. Normally $9,398.00/6,999.00, special bundle offer $7,499.00/5,725.00.

Enfocus PDF Automation Server Bundle offers the Switch Core Engine, Configurator Module, Metadata Module, SwitchClient Module, PitStop Server 11, PitStop Pro 11 and 1-Year maintenance an all products. This bundle includes all the functionality of the PDF Workflow Server bundle and adds advanced metadata capabilities so that workflows can be driven by metadata information embedded within job files, contained in XML or JDF formatted job tickets or in any text file. Job preflight information and log results can be exported into XML, HTML, CSV or any other required format using industry-standard XSLT stylesheets. The SwitchClient Module offers the ability for five concurrent users on Mac or Windows desktop systems to interact directly with your workflows. These users are notified when jobs need their attention and the SwitchClient application allows them to submit jobs, review actual job files or preflight results and make manual routing decisions where necessary. Normally $13,618.00/9,685.00, special bundle offer $10,999.00/7,795.00.

Enfocus Data-Driven Workflow Bundle offers the Switch 11 Core Engine, the Configurator Module, the Metadata Module, the SwitchClient Module and the Database Module plus 1-Year maintenance and support coverage on all products. Using Switch in tandem with the Metadata and Database Modules you can use metadata embedded within your job files, access information in external job ticket formats from virtually any MIS system, and generate queries to any SQL-compatible database to intelligently route and process your production files. You can also update metadata dynamically in job files as they are processed to reflect current production status and any other values key to your own workflow. The Database Module automates the communication between any SQL-compliant database and Switch. The Database Module makes it possible for Switch to instantly access existing ODBC data sources to expedite automated processing and prevent labor-intensive re-keying of job information into multiple systems. The Database Module connects using defined system DSN resources and honors all database rights and privileges. Normally $11,550.00/7,565.00, special bundle offer $9,240.00/6,050.00.

These value bundles include all the software users need to set up powerful automated workflow environments for their workgroup. In addition to the Switch engines and modules, two of the bundles include PitStop Server 11 and PitStop Pro 11. PitStop Pro 11 can be used to build user-definable file specifications to ensure PDF output is consistent and error-free. And those settings can be used in PitStop Server 11 to allow PDF files to be preflighted and automatically corrected without manual intervention.

Switch removes the repetitive tasks associated with receiving and sorting files. It automatically downloads files from multiple FTP/SFTP servers, receives them as email attachments from any number of email accounts, or handle any number of network based hotfolders. Switch then sorts files into different folders or routes them to the appropriate staff in a flexible manner so that each is ready for processing or archiving.

Enfocus Switch sends notification emails to the user’s customer service representatives or even directly back to clients whenever needed. Switch can also deliver files through email, FTP/SFTP or any network location to the next step in the workflow. Switch automatically interfaces with third-party applications used within a company. All of this functionality is driven by the visual flow editor that is the core of all Switch products. The flow wizard allows users to create flows by answering a few questions or import sample flows that are ready to go.

Switch allows a company to continue using those applications on which it already relies. Users can easily integrate the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Enfocus PitStop Server, QuarkXPress, and many other key publishing and prepress applications into existing workflows. These flows can be set up to create PDF files, preflight documents, and correct, proof and output production files as needed.
Switch is suitable for any kind of company, large or small. Whether a company uses a simple flow for file handling or an advanced flow that relies on multiple configurators and links to other business software, Switch offers excellent return on investment (ROI). Switch installations normally pay for themselves within 3-4 months of purchase.

The Enfocus Bundles are available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. Both companies also offer a free automation and workflow consultation to companies with specific workflow and production needs. To order, or for more information on a free consultation, users can visit the websites or call 877-940-0600 (North America) or 44 (0)870 458 3414 (UK/Ireland).Enfocus Bundles (North America)
Enfocus Bundles (UK and Ireland)
Automation and Workflow Consultancy (North America)
Automation and Workflow Consultancy (UK and Ireland)

ThePowerXChange and XChange UK are leading suppliers of PDF workflow and automation tools, desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. Both companies offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the print, pre-press, publishing and creative industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their their web sites. Both companies are Certified Enfocus Resellers.

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