Energterra Plans to Build an Electric Vehicle Battery Plant in Japan

Energterra (ISIN: KR7025520008), a pioneer battery technology company that is reinventing batteries for a cleaner tomorrow, is pleased to announce that it will start the construction of an Electric Vehicle (EV) battery plant in Fukuoka, Japan at the beginning of 2022.

“We will turn the Fukuoka EV battery plant into an Asian epicenter of battery production for electric vehicles around the world,” said Chin Beom, the Marketing Director, Energterra. Mr. Beom added: “As Energterra’s new EV battery plant will represent the first large-scale automotive battery production plant the firm is planning to build; it will play the role of challenging the electric vehicle industry across the whole Asia pacific region. We will put all our efforts into transforming the plant into a main production core for EV batteries.”

The plant will have a size of 30,700 ㎡ and aims to start production in the 1st half of 2022.

Energterra will invest a significant amount of money in the plant by the end of 2022. When the investment is complete, the plant will have the production capacity that will be able to provide more than 60,000 batteries every year for pure high-performance EVs with a range up to 420 km on a single charge. The plant will be the first large-scale lithium-ion battery plant the firm will have outside of South Korea.

To answer to the multiple requests from our customers quickly, the company will build a complete integrated production system that produces all battery components from electrodes to cells, modules, and packs for the first time in Asia.

Energterra is one of the few companies in Asia that will have three established production plants, a key factor that will establish a foothold to become a global market leader.

The plant in Fukuoka will supply products to all EV market participants while the other two plants in South Korea will supply products to Korean automobile manufacturers and at the same time controlling the overall supply need by Asian customers.

About Energterra
Energterra, is a pioneer battery technology company that has committed to create a world of boundless energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy. The company’s vision is to lead the De-Carbonization Revolution through its ground breaking products: CaCell and ExtraLiS Battery Solutions enabling a safer, greener, more connected future of mobility. Energterra’s strong team of engineers combine their experience in vehicle development with R&D and manufacturing experience to develop and deliver leading battery technologies. Experienced scientists and engineers are one of great intangible assets which make the company to stand out among other peers of the industry.

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