Energterra Extends Its ‘State-of-the-art Material’ – Carbon Nanotubes Capacity by 200 Tonnes

Energterra (ISIN: KR7025520008), a pioneer battery technology company that is reinventing batteries for a cleaner tomorrow, announced at a recent conference that it plans to invest about USD 10 million by Q2 of the next year to expand its “state-of-the-art material” capacity by 200 tonnes at its local plant.

Once the expansion is made, Energterra will have a total production capacity of 600 tonnes by adding the existing 400 tonnes.

Carbon nanotubes is a new generation material which has similar electric and heat conductivity as copper and its intensity is almost 100 times of steel. With properties that are superior to all existing materials, the new carbon material has a broad range of uses including batteries, diodes and microchips, car parts, airplane elements, etc.

Commenting on this extension, Ch’ŏn Byung-wook, Energterra Chief Investment Officer, has mentioned that this initiative was taken to not only target the global electric-vehicle market, but also the carbon products market that has recently been rapidly growing due to the use of it in anode conductive additives for lithium ion batteries.

Being a high conductive additive material, the new carbon material helps with the flow of the electricity and electrons and is used as a conductivity amplifier throughout small and medium batteries. Increasing the conductivity of lithium ions within the anode material comprised of active materials such as nickel, cobalt and manganese.

By adding carbon nanotubes as anode conductive additives, it can be reached a higher conductivity of about 10% compared to existing carbon black used in common batteries, also it reduces the amount of conductive materials usage by about 30%, and the remained space can be used to fill it with necessary anode materials to increase the capacity and lifespan of lithium ion batteries.

With all these features, carbon nanotubes demand is expected to post explosive growth of an annual average of about 30% to rise to 12,000 tons by 2025 mainly centering on the global EV market.

Following its ambition to become a leading producer of batteries for the industry, Energterra will continue to increase the competitivity of its product by actively promoting and using it in the new battery chemistries. It also plans to gradually increase sales to materials companies and car makers worldwide.

Energterra started a proficient research and development process to elaborate its own, protected by trademarks carbon nanotube technologies in 2017 and began a 150-ton production line in 2018.

Through this investment, Energterra will be able to accelerate its product structure advancement strategies based on distinguished technologies that it is pursuing in the sector.

About Energterra
Energterra, is a pioneer battery technology company that has committed to create a world of boundless energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy. The company’s vision is to lead the De-Carbonization Revolution through its ground breaking products: CaCell and ExtraLiS Battery Solutions enabling a safer, greener, more connected future of mobility. Energterra’s strong team of engineers combine their experience in vehicle development with R&D and manufacturing experience to develop and deliver leading battery technologies. Experienced scientists and engineers are one of great intangible assets which make the company to stand out among other peers of the industry.


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