Employa Announces the Launch of MatchMaster – Smart Recruiting Assistant

Employa, Recruitment as a Service company, today announced the launch of MatchMaster – an application based on AI technology that can be game-changing in terms of empowering recruiters to reach new, more lucrative candidates and engaging them in unprecedented ways.
This product is aimed to eliminate recruiting/staffing agencies, as an expensive and time consuming link, between an employer and a candidate.

“When we came up with the original concept for this product, we didn’t know for sure how to perform this challenging task of automatic information extraction from documents. Based on our prior experience solving similar AI problems and tools available on the market, we gambled and made a bet on using Machine Learning. Our algorithm is able to automatically extract corresponding sections from CV, classify those, and extract related information in a way that is enabling our beloved users to get a quick high-level overview of the candidate pool. There are a lot of challenges to be overcome and work to be done, but we are constantly working on improving our system’s ways of perceiving candidates’ CVs and hope you’ll be able to benefit from it!”, says Alex Lapshyn, ML Team Lead at Employa.

Employa’s approach reveals the hidden connections between a person’s background and their career potential, identifies the talent and upgrades the quality of recruiters’ hiring decisions, making the job market less inefficient.

Contact for Media
Anna Stepanova
PR Manager, Employa
hello ( @ ) employa dot com

About Employa:
Employa is AI-based Recruitment as a Service solution that saves time and money on hiring the best candidates.
Employa operates as a smart recruitment assistant that helps to find all necessary information about the candidate, check it for embellishments, start a dialogue with an applicant and shortlist the most appropriate resumes.

Website: employa.com

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