Email YoYo Becomes First App Store Email Validation Service

[] Peachtree Corners, Georgia – Mobile app growth continues to soar with popular apps like Perpetuall leading the way. In partnering with the app, Email YoYo has become the first real-time email validation service on an app launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play simultaneously.

Mobile apps are being launched in the thousands every month and with that growth comes the flurry of new users flocking to download and register with the services many of those apps provide. The same need was found in the developers of the Perpetuall app.

Email YoYo has launched mobile email validation as a new service for app developers to integrate through a real-time API on their apps. The service reduces bad email addresses from entering the app databases, and forces new subscribers to use their real email address instead of a fake one or typo email submitted by mistake.

“The benefit of using real-time email validation is obvious in mobile” said Corbin Lenoir, Customer Onboarding Specialist for Email YoYo. “When a new user is registering for the first time on your mobile app or website form, Email YoYo will instantly verify if the email address being used is valid or not. This saves any developer from worrying about fake emails being used or accidental typos, resulting in users they can’t communicate with.” Lenoir further stated.

The first app to benefit from using Email YoYo’s mobile email validation service is Perpetuall, the app that keeps your phonebook always updated. With 30% of contacts in the average user’s address book changing some contact data in a year, keeping data in sync is a challenge. This is where Perpetuall helps, based on the native phonebook integration, your contacts on your phone will be synchronized with your Gmail, Yahoo, Live, and other contacts.

Mobile app developers are encouraged to explore how Email YoYo’s email validation service can help improve user retention and verify email addresses in real-time to reduce bad data from building up. Perpetuall can be downloaded from Google Play and the iTunes App Store. To learn more about using real-time email validation in your app, visit Email YoYo’s website and start a free trial.Email YoYo
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