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[prMac.com] Carson City, Nevada – ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce a new limited time promotion on Em Software’s powerful database publishing tools for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. The promotion offers users immediate savings between $400 USD to $1200 on EmData, EmCatalog and Xtags software as well as an immediate return on their investment by utilizing the production automation capabilities to reduce labor intensive tasks to a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Since 1990, Em has been building industrial-strength products that are in production use at tens of thousands of sites world-wide. “It used to take us a day or more just to import our data (26,000 records, about 350 pages when done), and then a week to clean it up. When EmData imported it in about 10 minutes with almost no cleanup needed, my boss and I nearly fell on the floor! We are so glad we went with EmData rather than a custom software solution costing tens of thousands more,” offers Andrew MacBride, Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.

EmData (formerly Xdata) brings the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress to bear on all data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. EmData works like a mail merge on steroids. Data can be stored in a text file, a spreadsheet or a database. Users create a template in a normal page layout document, with rules that tell it how to format their text and graphics. Then, with a single menu invocation, EmData builds their documents at jaw-dropping speeds – up to hundreds or even thousands of pages per hour.

“I still love your product, and it’s saved us a TON of time in our layouts (we average anywhere from 160-200 pages of print work a week with a staff of 3, which we couldn’t possibly do without InCatalog).” – Nathan A.

Users can sort and then export from their database application, spreadsheet applications (e.g., Excel), or download from the web or their corporate information systems, and then import the resulting data file with EmData, fully formatted. Users can also create multiple, independent “dictionary style” headers and footers on each page or spread, with sophisticated controls over the header/footer contents. Additionally, users can apply multiple master pages based on incoming data.

EmCatalog and EmCatalog Pro create transparent links between Adobe InDesign/QuarkXPress documents and databases or spreadsheets. Once links are established by means of the easy-to-use data linker palette, users can update prices, graphics, or product information automatically – even change versions or swap languages.

EmCatalog is designed to update prices, graphics, or product information with single-click ease, in just about any kind of catalog, price list, travel schedule, directory, one-to-one marketing flyer, etc. If users have different pricing regions for a catalog project, EmCatalog can swap the prices in for each region automatically.

EmCatalog can also optionally extract updated document information so users can keep their database in sync with what they’ve changed. With EmCatalog, users can be sure that their document includes the latest info and prices in their database, and that their database includes all last-minute changes they’ve made to their document.

A normal license enables EmCatalog to work with delimited text data “snapshot” files, and, under Mac OS X, with on-line FileMaker Pro (and Runtime) databases. EmCatalog Pro further unlocks the ODBC capabilities of EmCatalog, which can then update documents directly from and to ODBC-accessible databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, etc.

Xtags is an import/export text filter supporting the Quark XPress Tags language plus its own extended Xtags tags, for tremendous document-building and extracting power in both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign.

With Xtags, users can build any text content with full styling (the same as XPress Tags), anchor and fill picture and text frames, build and fill unanchored frames, size picture contents to containing frames, size frames to content (text or picture) in various flexible ways, translate text and tags on input, use macros to reduce typing, apply master pages and spreads, and more.

“Your excellent piece of software [Xtags] is an essential tool in the production system that I have developed (semi/ automated production of Radio & TV listings for the largest Norwegian supplier) – it simply would not have been possible without it!” – Jrn M. Jenssen, Qross, stensjvn

For output, Xtags will save the contents of any text story, including anchored text and picture frames, and will also save the structure and content of any selected text, picture or group frames. Xtags is the perfect tool for picture-based data publishing, complex book building, classified ads building, code conversion, and much more.

EmData, EmCatalog and Xtags Buy One Get One Free are available now through ThePowerXChange and XChange UK worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites or call 877-940-0600 (North America) or 44 (0)845 259 0255 (UK/Ireland).Em Software BOGO Products (ThePowerXChange)
Em Software BOGO Products (XChange UK)

ThePowerXChange and XChange UK are leading suppliers of PDF workflow and automation tools, desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. Both companies offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the print, pre-press, publishing and creative industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their their web sites. Copyright (C) 2012 ThePowerXChange. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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