Elmedia Player 7.4 the only Mac Flash Player with advanced features

[prMac.com] Frankfurt, Germany – – Eltima Software today is pleased to announce the release of the new version of Elmedia Player , an update to the company’s popular multiformat video player for macOS. Version 7.4 has several improvements with the internal browser enhancement being the most essential one. After the release of Elmedia Player 7.4 users will enjoy even better playback experience by watching videos directly from the application. This version combines both new features and existing ones that have proven themselves to be successful among users.

Along with functional updates, it was decided to keep one of the most demanded features. Elmedia Player is the only SWF & FLV Player for Mac in 2019 that can run Flash Video without delays and interruptions. Despite the fact that many other players are dropping Flash format, in the version 7.4 Elmedia has kept it among the supported file types and works with it extremely well.

Elmedia Flash Player gives you full control over SWF files on your computer and offers multiple options for SWF and FLV playback. Some of the parameters customers can choose in Elmedia include local Flash security and default playback quality for SWF files. Users can control the sending and receiving of Flash media with the help of the player app. Those who work with Flash files and videos on a regular basis will surely appreciate the following possibilities:

* Independent volume control – Users can regulate the sound in the Flash files without changing anything in the system.

* Interactivity – Great possibilities for the files with interactive elements (e.g. games).

* Playback Control – Users of Elmedia Player 7.4 have full control over their viewing experience, the app is just there to assist. Elmedia Flash Player features convenient controls that allow adjusting the volume, jumping to a specific frame in a video, pausing the Flash playback whenever it’s needed.

* Download SWF files from the web – A SWF file that is played on a web page can be downloaded directly to the hard drive with Elmedia Player PRO. If there are external resources that a SWF file is loading, they can also be saved to the computer for offline use.

In fact, Elmedia Player has much more to offer than just Flash content playback and downloading. Without any need of additional codecs or third-party apps, it supports a huge variety of video and audio formats, including but not limited to FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC and AC3. That is the reason why this software is highly popular and has 2 million users and counting.

Elmedia Player PRO also features highly popular option to stream content to Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV and other DLNA-enabled devices. If you need to download video or audio files from the web, the supported type variety goes way beyond SWF and FLV formats. You can also make precise screenshots of any moment of a currently playing video and save them in different formats.

Elmedia Player is available in 2 versions: Free and PRO. Free version includes essential functionality for media files playback. Offering advanced downloading and streaming options, PRO version is priced at $19.95 (USD).Elmedia Player 7.4
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Eltima Software is a global software Development Company, specializing primarily in serial communication, mobile and flash software for Mac OS and Windows. Eltima Software delivers top-notch solutions having a friendly team of 40 professionals. Copyright (C) 2019 Eltima Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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