Elision Launched Modern Communication Channel Integration into DialShree

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Elision, is a renowned VoIP company. The company launched the integration of modern communication channels with its proprietary call center solution, called, DialShree.

As per the shared details, Elision has been offering integration of traditional communication channels with this software. Below is the list of common traditional communication channels integrated into the DialShree call center solution:

• Email
• Live chat (Internal and outbound)
• Fax
• Video calls
• Screen sharing

The company has announced that it will continue offering the above-mentioned communication channels along with the traditional voice calling mode. To empower its customers with the advanced features, it will offer integration with the most popular modern communication channels in addition.

The spokesperson of the company gave brief information about these modern modes of communication, which is recited below:

1. Call center WhatsApp integration

As per the shared details, WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication channels nowadays. It is used worldwide for quick communication. Moreover, it supports rich media in the discussion. Therefore, Elision will provide integration of WhatsApp with DialShree. This integrated solution will let agents use WhatsApp within dialer.

Key Features announced by Elision for DialShree WhatsApp integration users:

• Chat
• File share
• Use of emoticons
• Group chats
• Chat history
• And more

2. Call center Facebook integration

“Facebook is a social networking site, but it has been contributing to business branding activities. It provides a much needed platform for the business brands to communicate with customers via their Facebook business page. Therefore, the integration of Facebook in the call center software is mandatory. We will provide call center Facebook integration service to our customers”, shared spokesperson of Elision.

Key Features announced by Elision for DialShree Facebook integration users:

• Share a post on the business page
• Respond to post comments
• Respond to direct messages on the business page
• And more

3. Call center Twitter integration

As per the shared details, Elision also announced to offer call center Twitter integration to DialShree users. The company has considered Twitter as one of the most important communication platforms and therefore, it will integrate it with the DialShree.
Key Features announced by Elision for DialShree Twitter integration users:

• Tweet
• Retweet
• Tweet like
• Tweet sharing
• And more

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It has branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. It also has an official presence in Mexico, the UK, and the USA. For more than 12 years, the company has been serving its global customers with a wide array of services and solutions in different VoIP technologies. For many years, the company has been focusing on catering to its customers with the most advanced call center solution, called, DialShree. To give a competitive edge to the users of DialShree, Elision keeps on adding different innovative features and popular communication channels in this software. To know more about DialShree, visit https://www.elisiontec.com/contact-center-solution

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