Elision Launched Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Technical Support

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Elision, announced the launch of call center WhatsApp integration for technical support. The company will integrate business WhatsApp into their call center solutions, so technical support agents can use this integrated system. This service is available for all businesses and call centers, which offer technical support services.

As per the shared announcement, call center WhatsApp integration will integrate a WhatsApp business number into the call center software. A single number can be used by all agents. It means if a technical support center has 100 agents, all hundred agents can deliver technical support via WhatsApp using a single WhatsApp number.

“Many companies use WhatsApp as one of the communication channels to provide technical support. Using separate WhatsApp numbers of each agent can cause privacy issues. Moreover, it becomes difficult to count productive hours. Our call center WhatsApp integration uses a single number and all agents use the same number. This helps in ensuring there is no privacy breach or data theft. Moreover, it also helps in building a business brand as each agent uses a company number to offer technical support via WhatsApp”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, once WhatsApp is integrated into the call center software, agents can use all WhatsApp web features within call center software and have two-way communication with customers. Here is the list of features announced by the company:

• 2-way chat
• Image share
• Screenshot share
• Live image or video share
• Video share
• Document share
• PDF or any other file sharing
• Using emoticons
• Chat logs
• And more

The spokesperson of the company shared, “WhatsApp has become an inevitable communication channel. Even if a company does not want to use an omnichannel call center solution, call center WhatsApp integration is necessary. It can be quick and beneficial in offering technical support.”
The spokesperson of the company shared some of the major use cases of WhatsApp to provide technical support which are as below:

• Allow customers to raise a concern
• To acknowledge the concern
• To give regular updates about the open support ticket
• To share resolution steps in a doc, file, or screenshot
• To share ticket status update
• To help customer debugging an issue with a quick chat
• And more

The company announced that this integration service is available to DialShree users and their cloud call center software users.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company also has Indian offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The company has offices in the UK, the USA, and Mexico. It has been offering innovative unified communication solutions and services. The company has now launched call center WhatsApp integration services to benefit companies and call centers providing technical support services. To know more about this launched call center WhatsApp integration service, please visit https://www.elisiontec.com/call-center-whatsapp-integration/

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