Einstein Inspired God-Sim To Be Released Soon

[prMac.com] Matlock, United Kingdom – Einstein inspired God-Sim to be released soon. FunGameCo today is thrilled to announce their upcoming release of Relativity Wars, their first major game title developed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Promising a beautiful and polished interface, Relativity Wars is a mobile game based on a visualisation of the curvature of space-time. It has received interest from scientists wanting to teach the theory of Relativity as well as players looking for something different.

In Relativity Wars you play a God commanding a civilisation as they begin to explore the universe. Guide your charges in epic real time space battles as they begin to understand and exploit the nature of the space-time continuum around them. Players can learn all about the relativistic effects which are taking place around them while exploring the universe, commanding fleets, and deploying weapons that bend the very fabric of space and time. You’ll be conquering the universe before you know it, and you might even learn a bit of science!

Pricing and Availability:
Relativity Wars will be available on Friday 29th March 2013 on iPhone and iPad via the App Store, and on Android via both the Google Play and Amazon stores.Relativity Wars
Press Kit (zip)

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