Effective math practice on iPad; Splash Math saves time, money and trees

[prMac.com] Redwood City, California – As kids get back to school this fall, an estimated 1.5 million iPads will welcome them in their classrooms. Unsurprisingly, many of these kids already have access to iPads at home. The wheels are in motion; Apple is already touting iPad as – “The perfect learning companion”. With iPads in classroom, curriculum based textbooks are now available as iBooks or interactive digital textbook apps. Undoubtedly, workbooks are next. They will also help save time, money and paper. Let’s find out how?

Paper-based workbooks have been around for ages, but not without their inherent drawbacks. They require time to be evaluated and analysed. Teachers spend over 10 hours a week on worksheet evaluation. They are costly. For a school year, they may add up to 40 dollars. Sheer paper wastage! Kids have to tear off pages from workbooks and use them as worksheets, a wasteful way which necessitates buying new workbooks every year. Last but not the least, they are boring. Debatably, guilty of fostering hate that some kids reserve for math.

Begin the school year with Splash Math worksheets for Grade 1 to 5. With literally infinite math problems that the app can dynamically generate, Splash Math has a life time that extends beyond entire school year. Aligned to Common Core State Standards, it helps kids get ready for the national standardized tests. Automatic grading of responses and detailed email reports highlighting weak areas, save the teacher and parent precious time spent on routine activities. And for $9.99, which is roughly the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees, these apps provide a terrific bang-for-the-buck.

Go green! These adaptive worksheets on iPad can be used year after year in a classroom, saving paper and trees. Lastly, interactive problems that can be touched, tapped and dragged, combine with the built-in reward system to make practicing math, an engaging experience for the kids. Definitely a fool-proof formula to retain kids’ interest year-long.

Splash Math apps have massive user acceptance. Over 900,000 users have downloaded Splash Math. Loyalty towards the app is quite high as over 20% of its paid users own multiple Splash Math titles. The apps are used extensively throughout the year. Home schooling parents use them as a full time math program for their kids, while regular parents use them for additional practice. Over 2,000 teachers use them in the classroom, either as an enrichment and intervention tool or as a regular workbook in their 1:1 iPad pilot programs.

Hence, this school year, save time, money and trees with Splash Math apps – the perfect math practice solution on iPad for the elementary school kid.

Key Features of Splash Math apps on iPad:
* 5 Apps cover entire math syllabus of Grades 1 to 5
* Aligned to Common Core State Standards for each grade
* Adaptive algorithm generates dynamic questions
* Interactive Math Problems
* Weekly Email reports
* Fun rewards for kid’s engagement

Device Requirements:
* Requires iPad with iOS 4.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
The grade-wise Splash Math Lite apps are free, while Full apps are priced at $9.99 each. “Tell Time” app which interactively teaches time is priced at $1.99. The apps are available on the Apple App store.Studypad
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