E-vapor Tests And E-cigarettes Analysis On Multichannel Analytical Vaping Machine: Presentation

Vape Testing Project is a corporation, operating in vaping industry from 2017. Provide professional specialized Testing Services of Vaporizers, E-cigarettes, and Consumables. We are professionally engaged in testing and other support for cannabis, tobacco and nicotine vape companies and research associations. Our main focus on assistance in the development of new products as well as on the improvement of exisiting products, providing high quality control, analysis and development services. We are a team of engineers successfully working in the consumer electronics industry independently for global clients and have extensive experience in e-devices technologies analysis and research.

Vape Testing Project is the developer of a unique Multichannel Analytical Vaping Machine which is an innovative electronically controlled complex of pump modules with special sensors to analyze vapor and make special tests for all kinds of pod systems and tobacco vaporizers devices.

Multichannel vaping machine designed by Hokord Limited allow to perform such kinds of vapor tests:

· Evaporation mass during puff test (EMP test);
· Puff count test;
· Pressure drop and vapor density test;
· Vapor collection for chemical tests.

Multichannel vaping machine is available to order and may be of interest to companies which are providing research, development and manufacturing tobacco heating products, vape devices etc.

Please visit our website to read more about our services and products.

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