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[prMac.com] Prague, Czech Republic, Djinnworks Publishing has announced the upcoming release of the exciting new action game “Dwarven Hammer” developed by Mingle Games studio. “Dwarven Hammer” is a simple, single player, action game, aimed at providing hours of fun and stimulation whether at home, work, or during an extended journey. “Dwarven Hammer” combines a variety of distinctive elements, making it suitable for most age and gender demographics. The release of the Android and iOS version will be on 11th, April 2013.

The highly addictive gameplay focuses on a dwarf Filik, who is defending the entrance of the keep with his mighty hammers against massive hordes of enemies, who are hungry for dwarven treasure inside. “Dwarven Hammer” is epic throwing game with hordes of mighty fantasy enemies, beautiful graphics and animations, fantastic hammers and incredible powerups. With easy control system, the game can bring repeatable fun with defeating enemies. The player flicks in direction desired to release the hammer and he navigates the hammer with additional flicks to hit enemies, putting impulses to the hammer to control the flight.

While similar to other games in this category, “Dwarven Hammer” attracts and demands the attention of anyone who plays the game due to its distinct music, unique environment, funny quotes and lots of funny animations of defeats of the enemies. Infinity quest system brings additional amusement to players.

“Dwarven Hammer” comes ready to integrate with several of the world’s most popular social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Chartboost, Game Center on iOS or Heyzap on Android. This allows users to post their scores and compete with their friends or users from around the world, as well as measure their progress against a predetermined set of game achievements.

About Mingle Games:
Mingle Games is an independent game developer, producing their own in-house games, focusing on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Dwarven Hammer will be available for both iOS and Android, April 11th, 2013.Dwarven Hammer
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