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[] Medellin, Colombia – 1Tucan introduces Duck Hunt Dog, a new retro ringtone for iPhone. Any one who grew up in the 1980’s and was a video game fan had to have played the classic light gun shooter Duck Hunt. It along with Super Mario Bros is probably the most famous pack in video game of all time. It is arguably one of the best light gun shooters on the NES. One of the thing that many people remember about Duck Hunt is that smug SOB of a dog who would laugh in your face every time you would fail.

Well thanks to some very talented guy we can be reminded of that dog every time our phone rings with this really cool and funky remix of the Duck Hunt theme song.
Duck Hunt is one of those games that if you were to bring it up with people they would be like “oh yeah I remember that when I was a kid” then the next thing they will say will no doubt be a bunch of swear words directed at that damn dog. In truth Duck Hunt is an incredibly simple game. I mean at the end of the day all you need to do is shoot a few ducks and try and get the high score. But the game just had so much charm and personality that it really has become one of the classics of the NES library. I would put money on that any gamer who grew up with a NES when asked to say the first light gun game that pops into there head will say Duck Hunt.

So despite Duck Hunt being a great retro classic why would I want this remix ringtone? Well because its awesome that is why. I mean seriously if your phone starts to ring. I bet you will get some looks of confusion as people try and recall where they know that song from. Chiptunes are really big right now and personally cannot believe that it has taken this long for a really cool remix of the Duck Hunt theme to be released.

Everyone will get a kick out of it when you let them hear your new ring tone that is exclusive to the iPhone and available right now on the iTunes store. If you are looking for a new and funky ring tone. Better yet if your looking for a retro video game ring tone. Wait even better yet if you are looking for a ring tone that is based around a retro video game that has ducks and a pretentious douche bag dog then this is for you.

Just make sure when you download it you put your password in properly or you will be greeted by that damn god laughing at you. I am only joking……… or am I?

Pricing and Availability:
The Duck Hunt Dog ringtone is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through iTunes in the Ringtones category.Duck Hunt Dog Ringtone
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