Driven by the Demand, AvericKMedia Launches the Podiatrist Email List

AverickMedia is one of the top ten database providers from North America. They released the very first Podiatrist Email List in 2020. It is an email list that has been a reliable source for the past seven months in the market. The Podiatrist Email List contains the data of over 170,000 contact data of the active Podiatrists of the United States.

The data contains email addresses, fax, and phone numbers, along with mailing addresses. The list was released for businesses in the healthcare industry, striving to reach the top-most valued healthcare settings of the Podiatrists. While, other database providers of the United States are still in the infant stage of the production of the Podiatrist Email List, while AverickMedia produced the Podiatrist Email List at a faster pace.

The reason businesses struggle to connect with podiatrists is because podiatrists are the doctors who are specialized in an entirely different setting and are not educated the traditional way. They are often hard to found, and their data harder to be acquired. There are 40,000 podiatrists in the United States practicing in various settings, which makes it a challenging task to target.

Coming to the podiatrist department, they are the doctors who are specialists in surgery of broken bones, treat injuries and complications from ongoing health issues like diabetes, and to everything around feet and lower legs. When they are the only doctors specialized in that department, they can be the most sought by business.

Podiatrist has a high-end decision making power. This has led a multitude of businesses striving to connect with a podiatrist in the industry.
Jason Fletcher, the head of a marketing team from a manufacturing company, said, “We will always come back to AverickMedia for our marketing needs, as the Podistists Email List was a blast in our campaigns, and gave us returns like never before. No other database provider has catered to our needs like them,”

About AverickMedia:
AverickMedia is a company that has more been a trusted database provider for over ten years in the industry. The company is a reputed provider of database and data management services in all types of industries and all the leading professionals. They are known to be one of the very first producers who entirely concentrated on the business requirements and to cater to it. The businesses that collaborate with them are the businesses on the list of the fortune ten thousand, making them a company that is trusted by the best of the best.

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