DriveDx 1.0 – professional drive diagnostics solution for Mac

[] Moscow, Russian Federation – BinaryFruit is pleased to announce the release of DriveDx, its latest solution for monitoring HDD and SSD health status. Unlike many other drive health diagnostics utilities that simply check built-in S.M.A.R.T. status, DriveDx performs overall drive health diagnostics using drive health indicators that most closely correlate with drive failures according to the statistics reported in the latest researches focused on identifying drive failure trends. This gives a user a comprehensive picture of a current drive health status and enables foreseeing potential problems with drive failure and loss of sensitive data.

“Here’s a DriveDx triumph. DriveDx showed my just out of AppleCare iMac with two pre-fail conditions for the hard drive. Made appointment and took it to Genius Bar yesterday. Tech looked at DriveDx and was very impressed. Even though out of warranty – they replaced the drive without question,” said Michael Sidoric, Vice President of CapMac. “God knows how many dollars and troubles DriveDx saved me since I had several vital FinalCut projects on it.”

DriveDx is a combined drive health analysis and forecasting tool. It monitors and analyzes changes to S.M.A.R.T. attributes in order to continuously evaluate drive health status and predict drive failures. In addition to “Failed” and “OK” drive statutes DriveDx supports “Warning” and “Failing” statuses indicating that a drive is in a pre-failure status and backup of sensitive data is highly recommended.

DriveDx performs both HDD and SSD health diagnostics. Moreover, it uses separate set of indicators for HDD and SSD to monitor drive health status. This is particularly important as SSD works different as HDD and requires a different algorithm to check its health status.

DriveDx tracks and stores values of key drive health indicators over time. It uses these data to calculate current drive health status in percentage points, where 100% indicates an “ideal state” and 0% a “failed drive”. As a result, DriveDx’s Dashboard View gives the most comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot of corresponding drive health indicators statuses.

DriveDx is the first utility of its kind to have a real user-friendly Mac-style interface. It is organized in a way that allows a user to view and understand drive status and its performance at a glance. User can switch between different view modes to drill up or down data related to drive health, including S.M.A.R.T. indicators and attributes, drive statistics and errors.

DriveDx allows configuring the delivery of customized drive status reports by e-mail and therefore do not require user presence to inform about drive status changes. In addition DriveDx can launch built-in drive diagnostics self-tests. Drive self-test will help to quickly identify if the drive is faulty.

DriveDx supports diagnostics of built-in drives as well as external eSATA drives. As Mac OS X does not support diagnostics of external drives connected using USB or FireWire interfaces, it is necessary to install third-party drivers to perform diagnostics. DriveDx automatically prompts a user with detailed instructions on what to do and where to find the necessary drivers whenever an external drive is connected to a Mac using USB or FireWire interface.

Other useful features include:
* Sending a warning whenever a problem with a Firmware exists
* Saving drive status reports to a file
* Warning a user with pop-up notifications about errors and failures
* Displaying drive status on a status bar
* Displaying current drive temperature and relevant statistics
* Built with Cocoa and runs natively on Mac OS X

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or newer

Pricing and Availability – DriveDx has 3 types of licenses:
* Personal License – $24.99 (USD) / Limited-time Introductory Pricing $19.99 (20% off)
* Family License – $49.99 / Limited-time Introductory Pricing $39.99 (20% off)
* Business License – $29.99

DriveDx can be purchased from the BinaryFruit website or in a Mac App Store (Personal license only). Fully functional 10-day trial version is available for download at our website. Review copies are available upon request.DriveDx 1.0
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