Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.0 take top-ranked apps to the next level

[prMac.com] N Richland Hills, Texas – Agile Tortoise has released major updates to its top-ranked iOS Productivity apps, Drafts and Drafts for iPad. Since it’s release just over a year ago, Drafts has been consistently ranked in the Top 100 Productivity apps for both iPhone and iPad, and garnered many awards – including Macworld “2012 App Gem Award”. Drafts’ focus on quick capture and flexible output make it a truly different breed of note taking app.

Version 3.0 brings many enhancements to the Drafts experience, including:
* New draft management features (Inbox, Archive and Pinned drafts)
* New action management features designed to make it easier to manage long lists of custom output actions
* Evernote Actions. Drafts’ popular Dropbox Actions feature lets you create/append/prepend text to files in Dropbox – now this same ability exists for Evernote notes, letting you easily store journals, lists and other references notes in Evernote and use Drafts as a quick way add to them
* Message Actions. Create SMS/Message actions with pre-defined recipients, so frequently accessed addressees are just a tap away
* Reminders Integration. Automatically import from the iOS Reminders app so drafts can be created via Siri or Mac OS X Reminders (via iCloud) – also quickly jot a list in Drafts and send it to Reminders to check it off
* Extended Keyboard improvements

Pricing and Availability:
Available immediately, Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.0 are free updates for existing customers, and can be found on the iTunes App Store for $2.99 (iPhone) and $3.99 (iPad).Drafts 3.0
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Founded in 2006, Agile Tortoise, Inc. is an independent software shop that develops mobile and web software both for end-users and clients. Agile Tortoise, Inc. is based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. For more information, visit Agile Tortoise online. Copyright (C) 2006-2013 Agile Tortoise, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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