Dr. S. Karunakaran, top Scoliosis Surgeon in India offers excellent surgical treatment

Chennai: Scoliosis is the deformity of the spine that may take place resulting in a curved spine. This is a complicated three-dimensional deformity of the spine, which can be classified into three categories, like congenital, idiopathic, and neuromuscular.

Till date, Scoliosis has no permanent cure than surgery to rectify the deformity of the spine. The surgery is generally recommended by orthopedists to restore the natural structure of the spine otherwise the curves can progress with age leading to physical deformation. The deformity of the spine can obstruct normal physical activities and can even affect physiological functions such as breathing.

Dr. S. Karunakaran, the Best Spine Surgeon in Chennai, currently working as the Director of the Neurosurgery Department of Global Spine Institute. The more than 20 years of experience as an accomplished Spine surgeon, he has successfully performed more than a thousand spine surgeries of various types and complexities. To date, he has conducted a number of surgeries to rectify scoliosis, cervical spine pathologies, thoracotomies, laparotomy, disc replacement surgeries, and so on.

Dr. S. Krunakaran specialized in spine surgery has worked as a pioneering neurosurgeon in percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy under local anesthesia for disc prolapse in Tamilnadu. He is also the first doctor to perform an IN SPACE-interspinous implant for lumbar canal stenosis and Keyhole spine surgery using local anesthesia. Dr. Karunakaran has a specialization in pain management techniques of the spine including foraminal epidural steroid injection, Facetal blocks, and Discography.

Dr. Karunakaran has specialization in minimally invasive spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, stitchless spine surgery, and safe spine surgery. He strongly believes in the “Safety first” concept in Spine surgery; therefore he continuously works at refining his skills and techniques to deliver the best outcome for various types of spinal disorders with cutting edge surgical intervention.

Dr. Karunakaran is associated with several organizations such as the Tamil Nadu Orthopedic Association, Orthopedic Association of south Indian states, Association of Spine Surgeons of India, and Asian Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery and continuously works to improve the surgical techniques to offer the best outcome to his patients.

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