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[] San Francisco, California – San Francisco, California – Today, Dot-Tec announces their new Kickstarter project to bring a new touch interface writing instrument dubbed “DotPen.” DotPen actually feels and writes just like a pen, does not require special software, and works with any iOS, Android, and Windows touch interface device.

Numerous stylus pens have been introduced to the market but have fallen short of user expectations. The traditional stylus has a mushy rubber nub that too easily pops off, functions inaccurately due to the tip size, and is simply not designed well enough to draw or write with. DotPen directly solves these issues. The Dot Pen at 143 mm long feels like a real pen and features a unique 1.9 mm Active-Quill tip producing amazing fluid pin-point writing accuracy. Powered by a single AAA battery, DotPen provides up to 12 hours of continuous latency-free drawing and writing.

“We love our iPads and Android tablets, as creative people we use them to take notes, make sketches, and even draw works of art,” Says Andrew Ngo, Dot-Tec designer. “We played with many capacitive pens, but they just don’t work well – Poor accuracy, clumsy fat rubber writing points, horrible latency, and lousy designs. We wanted a high-quality pen that feels authentic and simply works well.”

Works with virtually any device:
DotPen has been tested with a wide range of tablets and smartphones. Powered by “MagicTouch” technology, DotPen does not rely on special pre-installed software or specific apps. With a touch of a button, DotPen instantly activates to work across any device using capacitive touch.

Works with the top apps:
DotPen works independently of special software or special settings in apps. So it virtually works with any app, including popular apps such as Adobe Photoshop Touch, Evernote, ProCreate, and many more.

1.9 mm Active-Quill:
Many capacitive touch pens have cheap rubber tips that easily fall off and feel mushy and sluggish. DotPen introduces a unique Active-Quill writing tip. Crafted from a durable thermoplastic, the Active-Quill tip has an extremely low coefficient of friction which glides effortlessly over glass displays with zero latency. This precision fine point tip feels remarkably like a real pen and provides stunning clarity of resolution for both drawing and writing.

Precision Jeweler Quality:
Dot-Pen is made of precision CNC machined anodized aluminum alloy and a durable soft-touch rubber writing grip. Built to last and built for effortless writing and sketching.Dot-Tec
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