Dolly Drive launches web series 15 Minutes… on cloud storage for Mac

[] New York, New York – Dolly Drive, makers of online backup & cloud storage for Mac computers, is launching its new webinar series “15 Minutes on…” this Tuesday at 12:15pm ET. The fifteen minute web sessions will show Dolly Drive users how to make best use of the app’s capabilities in easy sessions. The first in the series will highlight “How to use Dolly Drive’s new Space feature for cloud productivity”.

Dolly Drive is an award-winning application and cloud storage service built specifically for backup and cloud productivity in the Apple ecosystem.

“Our new ’15 Minutes..” webinar series gives us a chance to show Dolly Drive users how to take advantage of everything that our product offers them” said Leigh Kessler, Head of Marketing for Dolly Drive. “Many of our new users who select our ‘Dolly Together’ guided set up service are blown away when they are shown everything they can do that they had no idea was included in their Dolly service. We realized that fifteen Minutes would be enough time to get people feeling comfortable using all of our features without taking up too much of their time”

Originally heralded for bringing Apple’s Time Machine backup software to the cloud, Dolly Drive recently released it’s own platform named REVO. REVO integrates the first Desktop File System for Mac that runs entirely in the cloud with automatic versioned backup & disaster recovery of an entire hard drive.

“Most Mac users sign up for Dolly Drive because of the product’s reputation for easy, intuitive, and Apple-centric online backup. But they soon discover that our cloud productivity tools give them even more power, control and convenience than they realized. We hope ’15 Minute’ sessions show the human and fun side Dolly Drive, both our technology and our people.

The first three fifteen minute webinars in the series will cover “How to use Dolly Drive’s new Space feature for cloud productivity”, “How to use Dolly Drive for Families”, and “How to use Dolly Drive for Business teams” in fifteen quick minutes. Current customers or anyone interested in learning more about the product are invited to register at their website online.Dolly Drive

Cirrus Thinking was founded in 2009 by a pair of passionate Apple fans with the goal of delivering the critical advantages of cloud services to Apple users at the consumer, small businesses and enterprise levels. The first product Dolly Drive, an online backup solution for Apple’s Time Machine launched in 2011 and was named MacLife Magazine’s Best Software and Best of Show at MacWorld 2011. Cirrus Thinking has offices in New York and Miami, with data centers located in the United States and Europe. Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Cirrus Thinking. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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