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[] Watford, United Kingdom – High level developments and technological inventions have given something to every person that they can rely on. Either to find information or relax after a day’s work, it has given you everything from television to internet.

Every person likes to invest their precious money on things, which provides good quality along with style. Nowadays many manufacturers provide designer audio and wireless audio accessories, but sometimes these are overrated and do not provide the sound as claimed. At Bitmore we guarantee total customer satisfaction by providing them with the top quality products. The products ensure that they will never have to repent on trusting us in terms of quality.

At Bitmore, we feel proud that we have been given the opportunity to serve you with our top-of-line product range, for instance the wireless speakers, power range and Qi devices. Some of the vast options available at your disposal from our side comprise the following:

Bitmore Wireless Audio: Here at Bitmore, we have come up with some of the best products made from the modernized technology that provides you with the top-of-line products. It ranges from mini-Bluetooth speaker, water-resistant speakers, Paper thin Electrostatic Speakers, and bluetooth docking station. Bitmore Wireless Speakers provide the ultimate audio experience when connected with your phone or Ipod.

Bitmore Power Range: Portable power chargers let you charge your favorite smartphone on the go. We provide a variety of power chargers according to battery capacity that includes 2600mAh, 9000mAh batteries, waterproof and shockproof powerbanks, chargers for xbox 360 and controller kit. The Power Range provided by us ensures a safe and proper charging of your powerful smartphone without any doubt about its quality.

Smart Chargers: Our wide range of smart chargers come combined with the latest technology that removes the need of having a wired adapter. The wireless charging capability of these portable units make a perfect accessory for charging your iPhone, playstation gaming console, Samsung range of Galaxy smart-phones. The best quality QI devices provide you a modern day chargers for your phone.

Bitmore will ensure that you enjoy each moment of yours with our high-quality products and don’t have to repent over your choice in trusting us. Our professionals keep in touch with any latest technological trends so that we can make a difference to your digital lifestyle with powerful performance and durable product line.

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Bitmore(R) is a London based brand that specializes in bringing the latest innovative technology, gadgets and accessories to the market. Bitmore(R) aims to deliver design-led, high quality and innovative technology to the discerning customer. we love gadgets and technology that make your life just that bit easier and more fun! We believe that Quality, Innovation & Value are the three most important factors in creating our signature ranges. Bitmore’s brand philosophy is to design, develop and customize innovative electronic gadgets that understands your need and requirements. We aim to deliver superior quality, focused precision, and last but not least, a gadget that will truly complement your digital lifestyle. Our product ranges are designed keeping one thing in mind -how to make your life easier!

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