Dev IT Solutions Takes a Giant Leap Into The World Of Education

[] Ahmedabad, India – As it is well known that English has become a Global language and most of the countries in the world emphasize on providing best possible coaching to the pupils during their initial years of education. Dev IT Solutions understands that English Language is the key to globalization and they are inclined towards contributing their part for the development of the community at large.

With an intention of making education, a Fun Learning Process for children aged between 3 and 12 years, Dev IT Solution launches its first set of Educational Applications developed initially for iPhone and iPad platforms and soon these applications will be launched on other platforms like Android, Blackberry and Symbian. These applications will not only help the offspring’s to learn basics of English in terms of vocabulary, but also help their parents to monitor their kid’s progress in the form of understanding, grasping and knowledge and will also be able to analyze the areas in which they need parental guidance for improvement and achieve desired results.

As per a recent survey, majority of children in this age group refrain from attending schools and coaching classes as they are very tiring and stressful for their fragile minds because of the monotonous methods followed. But with the new set of Educational Mobile Apps offered by Dev IT Solutions, parents can facilitate their children with these applications and make learning, an enjoyable journey in the comprehensive universe. In developing these apps, the motive is to develop brighter minds for the future generation.

Considering the importance of English in day to day life, Dev IT Solutions introduces an Kid’s English Classroom for iPad & Kid’s English Classroom for iPhone which will help pupils learn English words starting from 3 letter words in the first level and up to 7 letter words on clearing the each level.

This is the beginning of a revolution where DEV IT Solutions plan to offer easy access to Educational technology for the large varsity in all sectors and many such applications are already in the development stage to be launched soon.

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Kid’s English Classroom
Kid’s English Classroom

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