Delaware Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Murray

Today, Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray announced that she has been endorsed by the Delaware Fraternal Order of Police (DEFOP). Four years ago, the Delaware Fraternal Order of Police had endorsed John Carney. This is a major repudiation of Carney by the state’s largest police association. Murray has been outspoken in her support of law enforcement and has vowed to resist progressive efforts to defund and abolish the police. Julianne Murray has made a commitment to never endanger public safety and attack the police for a politically correct headline as John Carney has done. This endorsement is just the latest sign of everyday Delawareans wanting a change from career politicians like John Carney and seeking balance and accountability in state government.

“I am very honored and humbled to have been endorsed by the Delaware Fraternal Order of Police,” said Julianne Murray. “The members of the Delaware FOP put their lives on the line for us daily. They are true heroes.

“Four years ago, the Delaware Fraternal Order of Police endorsed John Carney who promised to tackle crime,” continued Murray. “Four years later, they like all Delawareans are tired of his broken promises and failed policies. Delaware is less safe today than it was four years ago. Violent crime continues unchecked in Wilmington. Just as John Carney has deserted law enforcement and the citizens of the state, they are turning their backs on him.

“A Murray Administration will be a strong supporter of law enforcement officers and will oppose the radical proposals to defund and abolish police unlike our current governor,” continued Murray. “I will never turn my back on the brave men and women in blue as John Carney has during his time in office.”

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