Deesha Sakhi Period Chocolates Celebrates Womanhood

Newly launched in market, Deesha Sakhi Periods Chocolates, an ultra-nutritious and deliciously-smother chocolate bar, celebrates womanhood by comforting women and uplifting their mood during their menstrual cycles. It helps smoothen and relieve menstrual cramps and cravings, which also reduces mood swings to enable women sail easily through periods.

These luscious and specially-crafted chocolates for periods can elevate a woman’s feel-good hormones, tone-down stress hormones, boost energy and relax muscles thereby also reducing bloating and fatigue. It can naturally comfort a woman by enhancing their mood and relieving pain even in those painful cramps.

Speaking on its functionality, Mr Deepak Toshniwal, MD, Deesha Chocolates said “Not only does this chocolate bar satisfy your sweet tooth during your Periods, but it is also high in potassium which helps your muscles to function. These luscious chocolates ease menstrual cramps, satisfy cravings and reduce mood swings. After all, why can’t girls have fun during periods!”

Deesha Sakhi Chocolates for periods are made up of an abundance of carefully-selected ingredients like vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, D3), minerals (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium), hormone-balancing Ayurvedic herbs, protein, sea salt and dozens of essentials nutrients (Omega 3, Omega 6) and more – all blended together into a rich, creamy and delectable 100% chemical-free chocolates.

Available in a pack of 5 lush, distinctive flavors in Caramel, Natural, Cranberry, Butter Scotch, Hazelnut, each for five menstrual days, has a limited stock and can be ordered online. One can order packs of 5x 50 gms & 5 x 85 gms plain chocolates and as well as sugar free chocolates at

About – Deesha Chocolates
Deesha Chocolates is an innovative and fast-growing chocolate company, offering a range of over 70 plus varieties of chocolates in India and various parts of the world. Starting its operation in 2012, Deesha today is recognized as one of the most creative and innovative chocolate-making companies as is evident by unique flavors, recopies, blends, products, and varieties of chocolates it has launched and been well-relished by its ever-growing customers.

Crafted using the best West African cocoa beans that pass our stringent quality standards and sourced in a sustainable way with guaranteed food safety – Deesha chocolate offers both superior quality and taste. Flavorful, rich, melt-in-your-mouth tender comes from the carefully chosen ingredients and Deesha’s unique chocolate-crafting process and years of research and experience. For details, please visit:

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