DC Recovery Clinic Discusses Dangers Of Drinking At Home During COVID-19

 Aquila Recovery Clinic, a Washington, DC addiction recovery clinic, has recently released a new educational resource on its website that focuses on the dangers of drinking at home during COVID-19. The article was designed by the care clinic to help explain how drinking during the quarantine can lead to some bad behaviors and tendencies that may be hard to detect otherwise. The new article can be found on the clinic’s website.

The team at Aquila offers some valuable information for people who may be struggling with alcohol addiction and want to learn about how they can maintain good habits during the quarantine. The information in the article is guided by the caregivers and therapists at Aquila who now what warning signs to watch out for and how situations such as these put potential alcoholics at a higher risk. In the article, they discuss how readers should avoid keeping alcohol in their homes at all times, how drinking during quarantine can interfere with healthy sleep, and how to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms during uncertain times such as these. The clinic is proud to help people with no other options to regain the confidence and restraint necessary to stay healthy and sober during tough times.

While the most recent addition to their online resources focuses on how to curb at-home drinking during COVID-19, the clinic’s website also provides visitors with information regarding their team, experience, as well as a complete list of service offerings. Aquila Recovery offers rehabilitation services that include cognitive behavioral therapy, integrated care, individual care plans, as well as family and outpatient programs. Their team believes in treating each individual with respect and providing the care patients deserve in order to beat their addictions.

With the addition of this new article, Aquila hopes that they can help those struggling with the new reality of quarantine to understand the dangers of drinking alone and how they can avoid developing bad habits that can progress. For more information, contact Aquila Recovery Clinic today at 202-618-9125 or visit their website at https://www.aquilarecovery.com. Their offices are located at 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 307 in Washington, DC 20016.

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