David Nelson Details History of Gun Control

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – David Nelson began collecting news clippings and Supreme Court opinions related to gun violence and mass shootings in 2008 following the decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, a landmark case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to possess firearms. He fundamentally disagreed with the decision and, in October 2017, after the slaughter during a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nelson could no longer stay silent.

Chasing Blood Money is the result of over a decade of Nelson’s research. It starts by chronicling the worst mass shootings that have occurred since the decision in the Heller case, which opened the door for access to military-style assault weapons with little more than a driver’s license required.

From there, he explains America’s unique history with guns and identifies cultural forces that have made the U.S. an outlier in the Western world when it comes to gun control – or lack of it. He provides numerous examples of how guns have changed the course of our history through assassinations and other gun-based violence while also changing us as a society as citizens grapple with inner-city murders, domestic violence killings, and school shootings—all exacerbated by a lack of gun control and gun access oversight.

“One thing is inarguable; since the Heller decision, what was once a rare occurrence—mass shootings—have become almost weekly news,” explained Nelson. “My goal with Chasing Blood Money is to help readers understand the politics behind our current gun laws and to offer possible solutions to achieve common sense gun regulations.”

If Congress has the power to better regulate guns, why doesn’t it? Chasing Blood Money answers this question and concludes the book with several detailed suggestions on how we can implement sensible gun control so Americans can take back their streets, schools, and neighborhoods from the reign of gun terror currently gripping the country.

Chasing Blood Money can be purchased online through SDP Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR— David L. Nelson was raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where hunting and target shooting are a way of life. He learned to shoot at an early age and listened to claims that the Second Amendment protected an individual’s right to bear arms even before the Supreme Court declared that was the law. After graduating from Northern Michigan University, he earned a juris doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1957. He is a member of the Michigan Bar Association and was accepted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court in 1973. He practiced law for more than forty years, specializing in commercial litigation before retiring in 2001. He is the author of two previous books: Tool Marks Don’t Lie and River of Iron.

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