Data retrieval is made easy with the new iTunes Reader(TM)

[] Birmingham, United Kingdom – The ER- 200 iTunes Reader(TM) is the latest data retrieval software launched by Enigma Recovery. This software provides a quick and easy way to retrieve and view data from your iTunes backup files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The iTunes Reader(TM) is able to convert confusing, encoded data into its original format for easy viewing, presented in a clear and easy-to-navigate manner on your Mac.

This product is able to retrieve a vast range of data including photos, SMS, contact information and call history. For those who have had a phone lost or stolen or accidentally deleted files from the handset this is a simple way to reclaim important data, as all backed up files can be retrieved. Alternatively, this software provides a way of protecting valuable information from future loss. The user friendly interface allows you to view the data which can alternatively be exported to a location of your choice on your PC.

The iTunes Reader(TM) can be easily purchased and downloaded online. Once installed the software will automatically launch itself on your Mac and locate your iTunes back up file for you. The process is very simple, however a comprehensive user guide is available online to ensure a smooth installation process. Several help and support networks are also available for any further queries you may have.

Alternatively a free 14 day trial is available, allowing customers to familiarise themselves with the features of the software before committing to a purchase. The trial version of the software scans your back up file, displaying the number of files retrieved. The trial user may view one entry per existing feature but must purchase the full version to access the remaining content. The opportunity to upgrade to the full version is available throughout the trial.

The full version can be purchased for just $14.99, giving the user unlimited data retrieval and access to any future product upgrades and enhancements at no extra charge.

This product is able to retrieve all backed up iTunes files, however if you also wish to recover backed up data that has been deleted from your handset then the iTunes Recovery(TM) is needed.

For further information or to purchase or trial iTunes Reader(TM) please visit website.

System Requirements
* The latest version of iTunes and QuickTime installed on your Mac or PC
* iPhone Backup file created by iTunes (please ensure the ‘Encrypt Backup’ option is not selected in iTunes)
* Supports Mac OS Versions 10.5 to 10.8
* Supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32bit and 64bit)
* For Windows users, please ensure you have .net 3.5 or later installed on your PCEnigma Recovery

Located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Enigma Recovery are a software developer specialising in data recovery software. Their products range from sim recovery and smartphone software to suites for business. Copyright (C) 2013 Enigma Recovery. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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