Daryl Guberman Makes Powerful Video Exposing ANSI’s Need for Impartial Oversight From US-Based Federally Recognized Organization

New York, NY – When companies trust an organization to look at their quality standards there is an expectation of transparency, trustworthiness, and professionalism. Also for American companies, in this challenging world, many want to know the organization they work with regarding quality are also firmly loyal to the United States. Sadly, all of these areas are lacking in 2020 when it comes to the major quality organization the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Quality expert Daryl Guberman (http://dguberman.com), founder of Guberman-PMC, recently addressed ANSI President Joe Bhatia and the organization itself in a hard hitting new YouTube video, “ANSI’s “CRITICAL NEEDS FOR IMPARTIAL OVERSIGHT” By US-Based Organization Federally Recognized”. (https://youtu.be/GYi43WVLBqU) Guberman is well known for his close to four decades of experience in the area, his passion, and his unswerving loyalty to America and its allies. This and much more all come across very clearly in the new video.

“ANSI absolutely needs oversight from an organization that is US-based and recognized Federally,” commented Guberman. “This will help answer any questions about Chinese influence in ANSI or in its lack of work ethic that we keep hearing about again and again. If they are unable to regulate themselves, someone else trustworthy needs to. ANSI has a huge responsibility due to its role in quality, its not just a means for people like Joe Bhatia to get rich.”

Guberman has certainly been the nation and the quality industry’s most prolific voice both pointing out and breaking down in easy to understand ways how ANSI and a few other orgs are taking advantage of their position as well as of companies who may not be as well versed in the quality area. Or know of ANSI’s ties to China, Iran, and other enemies of America. Guberman has educated both through his YouTube channel and directly answering questions without fail on this vital subject for American business.

Guberman-PMC is the leading independent quality assurance company in the United States. They are always interested in discussing potential clients’ quality needs and how they can meet them in transparent and affordable ways.

“Guberman added, “In the past, Mr. Bathia has chosen to either ignore or refuse to discuss the importance of proper and effective oversight for ANSI, which is why I’m taking this matter public. My objective is to bring much needed attention to the inconsistencies within the standards community involving oversight controversies of registrars and accreditation bodies. Refusing to acknowledge the problem is a dangerous game to play, particularly when loss of life is at stake as shown by the increasing number of quality failures at Boeing, Lockheed as well as manufacturers of medical implants, and other critical components manufacturers under ANSI standards. Guberman concluded, “ANSI and other quality standards organizations should welcome such criticism, and discuss possible solutions, rather than expect these deeply concerning problems to just vanish in thin air. For God’s sake Joe, don’t ignore these red flags and the dangers it clearly brings to airline passengers, hospitalized patients, and every day consumers purchasing products and services under ANSI’s standards.”

Expect Guberman’s eye-opening video series to continue.

For more information be sure to visit http://dguberman.com.

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