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[prMac.com] Irvine, California – A mom whose once-frail health triggered a journey to peace and well-being has started Dandelion Moms, an online community to help other moms seek balance and enjoy the journey of life. Children’s author and publisher Melissa Northway, mom of an active 6-year-old, created Dandelion Moms after seeing the stresses that parenting can bring.

“I see so many women running around trying to do it all. We juggle many hats, and many times, we miss the magical moments that surround us every day,” said Northway, of Irvine, Ca. “We need to step back and take some time for ourselves. We need to take care of us, so we can take better care of our families.”

More than $100 in gift cards, a Lifedge iPad case, children’s books, and a piece of Stella and Dot jewelry will be given away to celebrate the launch of Dandelion Moms. To enter, visit their website by December 14th.

Dandelion Moms is a lifestyle website that provides gentle reminders about staying in the present. There is advice on love, health, beauty and relationships, and tips on creative projects, home decor and fun recipes. There are product reviews and giveaways, and interviews and features on programs that give back to the community, such as the Jet Blue/PBS Kids Soar With Reading Program.

The “Momism of the Day,” an inspirational quote, provides gentle reminders about the magic of life. The “Reflection” section allows moms to share advice they would have told their younger self. Moms also are invited to join in the conversation by contributing blog posts on topics they feel strongly about. Coming soon is a “Wishes” section where moms can post a wish to share with the community, or keep private to “blow into the universe.”

“The site also is a place to hang out and meet other women who have gone after their dreams and continue to be a loving mom, wife and friend,” Northway said. “There are wonderful artists, photographers, writers and other inspirational moms on the site.”

Coming in 2013 is a Mini Dandelions section for children, which will have a category for special-needs kids. “This is an unrepresented community that many families are part of,” Northway said.

Northway has come a long way since an undiagnosed tropical illness left her ill and frail for three desperate years. She went on to start Polka Dots Publishing, writing stories for her young daughter inspired by strong female characters seeking adventure. She is the author of Penelope the Pirate and Gerry the Giraffe, both book apps for kids. Now she hopes to share her life lessons on Dandelion Moms.

“I wanted to bring what I had learned on the yoga mat, about staying present and in the moment, and share this mindset with other women because it really has changed me into a better person,” Northway said. “A big part of the health and wellness section on the site will include posts about yoga, meditation and the benefits of walks on the beach or with friends to help us enjoy the journey.”

Northway has had a crazy ride of a career, from teaching English in Japan to cycling across Vietnam to raise money for UNICEF. While traveling in the Far East, she contracted Tropical Sprue, a disease that took years of good nutrition to correct. It sent Northway on a path to study healthier living, and she recently earned a master’s in nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

“I want to be a good role model for my daughter and show her that it is okay to go after your dreams, even after you become a mom,” Northway said. “One doesn’t have to exclude the other.”Polka Dots Publishing
Dandelion Moms

Polka Dots Publishing was founded in Irvine, California, in 2010 by Melissa Northway. The company is dedicated to offering quality children’s stories and games for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch market, as well as in traditional print media. The ebook was created by PicPocket Books, who bring quality children’s picture books to digital media. Copyright (C) 2012 Melissa Northway. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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