Crystal Crusader puzzle game launched Free on iOS devices

[] Kowloon, Hong Kong – Crystal Crusader by Hong Kong-based game developers Dim Sum Lab has been released just in time for Spring. The game calls on players to connect crystals, make shapes, and ultimately, battle the warlords of Planet O with a personalised team of heroic creatures. Crystal Crusader has over 100 levels and characters for your enjoyment, with the supplementary feature of PvP if you want to flaunt your deck in front of other players.

Crystal Crusader is unlike anything that the Dim Sum Lab team has ever attempted, scrapping their usual simple one-gesture games for a whole new world of puzzle and fantasy. Every character has been meticulously created with maximum HP, ATK, RCV and SPD on their cards. Characters also have combo skills when you connect the crystals in certain shapes – for instance, diamonds, crosses, and simple squares. If they are chosen as the leader of your team, they host leader skills that can benefit the entire team in battle.

As one example, the Legendary Starter character, Fire King Aviur, is the final evolution of the starter character, Aviur. The backstory begins with Aviur, who was a hot-headed, handsome young prince in Planet O, before he finally managed to temper his hellish fits of rage. As a Fire King, his max HP is a whopping 1,383. When he assumes leadership in battle, many minions of the fire element have spoken of Aviur’s ability to bring forth an irreversible fever within their hearts and minds… Stats-wise, we’re talking a max ATK of 920 and his Roaring Flame III leader skill with a 200% fire attack! In Crystal Crusader, we have hundreds and hundreds of characters with similarly complex backgrounds and statistics for you to enjoy.

Five element zones with over 100 challenging levels:
* Planet O is divided into Earth, Fire, Water, Dark and Light zones. You can access any zone to start new missions and work your way around the ring planet.

* Loads of rare items and creatures with every Boss win (stones, gears, swords and orbs) used to either level-up or evolve your characters
* Hundreds of creatures with compelling backstories
* PvP mode to battle online with customisable teams
* In-app purchases and an online forum

“Crystal Crusader was a beast of a project, but we really wanted to push ourselves.” explained Peter King Yiu Wong, Managing Director of Hong Kong based Dim Sum Lab Ltd. “We hope our efforts have shown what an indie game development company in Hong Kong is capable of. We make games that we want to play, and I think our fanbase appreciates how much heart we put into the games, the characters, and their stories.”

Dim Sum Lab is a mobile app company with a few gaming titles to its name, including Dim Sum Story, Dim Sum Dash, and Zombie Redrum. The company relies on the creative talent and animations from idNerd Studios, its partner company. In the last six months, Dim Sum Lab has put more emphasis on garnering local support for the game and the brand, with month-long beta testing and social media campaigns. We urge fans to join the Dim Sum Lab Facebook for the latest news in technology, as well as “doodles” made by the Dim Sum Lab team on cultural and political affairs mostly from Hong Kong. Additionally, Facebook has been our focal point for introducing the backstory of Crystal Crusader heroes and foes.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 98.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Crystal Crusader 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. In-App purchases are available. For more information, please visit Dim Sum Lab online or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Dim Sum Lab
Crystal Crusader 1.0
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