CryptoEdit Creates and Edits ‘Encrypted by Default’ Rich Text Documents

[] Milano, Italy – Tension Software announces CryptoEdit 2.2.1 for macOS. CryptoEdit is a simple and secure application to create and edit ‘encrypted by default’ documents. It can manage TEXT, RTF and RTFD (with images) format. It saves documents on disk always as encrypted and is the ideal solution to manage reserved documents with formatted text and images.

CryptoEdit allows to edit document as a normal simple word processor which can handle text and images. All the feature available in a modern Cocoa based rich text processor are available in CryptoEdit. The text can be formatted using rules, different font,style, size, color.

All the usual manipulations of fonts are available via menu and dialogs plus custom styles are available. Spelling in user’s native language with full implemented text search. Insertion of images inside the document with just drag and drop.

CryptoEdit can import from other documents in standard TEXT or RTF or RTFD (RTF images) . Documents can also be exported as TEXT, RTF or standard RTFD (included images). CryptoEdit document are saved always encrypted for security purpose. If it was saved it was saved encrypted! Saving a document containing images, will create on disk a document with all the text and images encrypted in a single file.

CryptoEdit is ideal to protect important or reserved data on any Mac. In case someone get unauthorized access to a Mac, or in the worst case a Mac is stolen, the only way to be sure the user data won’t be in the wrong hands is via encryption.

CryptoEdit let user use a sophisticate encryption method in a simple and easy way available to any Mac user. Except the use of the password to open the document, the user can even ignore to use a strong crypto tool.

* Easy and simple
* Native for Cocoa
* Uses a strong AES-256 algorithms
* Save always as encrypted, helping you avoid security problems
* Full featured RTF editor with rulers, fonts, styles, unlimited number of documents and more…
* Inserts images with a simple drag and drop.
* Can import from TEXT, RTF and also from RTFD (Rich Text Format embedded images)
* Can export documents as standard TEXT, RTF, RTFD (images included)
* Save as encrypted also embedded images
* Open and decrypt in a flash
* Can generate secure distributable documents
* Can add public notes visible without password for document general information
* AppleScript scriptable
* Stable and strong solid
* Offers a menu services addition to all the applications

New in this release:
* Fixed a problem using the application as a service
* Added ‘Open Default Document’ under the File menu
* Bug fixes
* Code optimizations

System Requirements:
* macOS Version 10.10 Yosemite or higher
* Optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
* 3.9 MB

Pricing and Availability: CryptoEdit 2.2.1 is just $4.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available world wide through the App Store in the Productivity category.Tension Software
CyptoEdit 2.2.1
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