CRMNEXT empowers sales teams to deliver maximum performance with its smarter KPI offerings

CRMNEXT, a global leader in financial CRM, has announced the launch of intelligence-driven KPI management that will significantly boost sales team performance. The offering will allow sales leaders to achieve growth in today’s challenging selling environment.

Today with ease of access to digital resources, customers are armed with heaps of prior information. The average buying cycle and decision are also complex, making it difficult to forecast customer demand and use it to set targets. Traditional sales incentive management was accompanied by manual reviews and weekly recommendation meetings, resulting in a longer turnaround time for insights and untimely incentive checks. There was a desperate need for a specialized platform that provides smarter go to market strategies.

CRMNEXT works by setting advanced analytics-based targets, performance indicators, and incentives. It delivers granular insights on a sales representative’s performance and suggests them recommendations for the next best action. CRMNEXT’s KPI offerings are revolutionizing incentive management by delivering a higher impact on sales with role-specific models based on multiple parameters including geography, products, volume, revenue, split incentives, and many more to boost the performance of sales teams.

Sushil Tyagi, Executive Director, CRMNEXT, said, “CRMNEXT’s KPI offerings are enabling businesses to achieve granular sales performance intelligence, through which they can design transparent, fair and attractive incentives. This will significantly enhance sales operations, business efficiency, and results. “

CRMNEXT is the largest financial CRM solution provider for global financial institutions including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, National Bank of Oman, National Bank of Fujairah to name a few.

CRMNEXT, Inc. is the leading global CRM software solution provider in banking CRM and insurance CRM services. It is used by more than 1 million bankers to manage more than a billion customers on its platform globally. A Gartner Magic Quadrant Challenger company, CRMNEXT picks up where traditional CRMs leave off providing work simplification, robotic automation, immediate results, and greater empowerment for both team members and customers.

CRMNEXT eliminates the artificial barriers between human and digital channels, enables innovation and world-class, omnichannel customer interactions from a single, unified platform. It has to its credit the largest banking CRM implementation globally. It has become the largest CRM in financial services by effectively recalibrating the potential for both large and small organizations to grow assets, quality relationships, profitability, service, and innovation.

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