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[] Westlake Village, California – Digital Newspaper, Online Magazine is very much in trend now days. It gives you liberty to read the news online. And this has been made possible by flip book software. Near about each and every organization which publishes new papers now also publishes them online. It hardly takes five minutes to make this work go online. The flip book Software has a great feature to work offline also. The most inviting feature of this software is that it’s free and open source. Digital Newspaper has a lot of benefits, that you can read it sitting on your laptop, it just feels like reading a paper, you can also save the data which you want and the most important feature is that the papers of older days remains secure in the database and you can use them whenever you need so, you need not to keep the stock of newspapers collecting somewhere in the home.

Normally flip book software is open source software; organizations need not to pay any cost to use them until you want to buy a certified version. It’s also very easy to use them, it just requires uploading the contents to the software and here is the work ready to be published online. Create digital catalog online now. It really gives the exact look and feel as the original news paper or magazine.

Flip book Software has a lot and lot of features and all these features have been made very user friendly, there is nothing like that you need a technician or any class to understand it. Its go step by step and its very comfortable throughout from upload of file to publication.

Some of the interesting features of Virtual Magazine Software are Format of data which allows you have to just upload the content, arrange it and now it is ready to be published. Next it offers editing feature which makes editing very easy, it provides all the features to edit and arrange the contents of the news paper or magazine. It also allows image uploading where the Images which are very important part of a news paper and magazine, it provides the feature to upload and mange the images; images are treated as content items, and can be manipulated, cropped, etc. The software also offers various languages. Flip book software has many inbuilt languages; you can design your news paper or magazine on any language. Lastly is highly extendable provides a great space, you can upload as many files you want and can publish them. Now you can Create digital catalog and can customize your digital catalog online too.ePaperflip
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Located in Westlake Village, California, ePaperflip is the leading technology provider of digital publishing solutions. Our technology allows you to convert your printed material into a unique digital content experience. Our suite of innovative digital publishing solutions leverage a cloud based platform allowing you to deliver content via the web, tablets, mobiles devices, and social channels. The elite features of ePaperflip surpass any other software solution in the publishing industry.

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