Cosmos – Infinite Space coming to iOS and tvOS on October 30th, 2015

[] Bremen, Germany – Alexander Repty today announced the upcoming release of Cosmos – Infinite Space, one of the first game titles for the new Apple TV. Built explicitly for the new Apple TV as well as Apple’s current lineup of iOS devices, Cosmos – Infinite Space will delight players with a modern take on classic arcade shooters from times when hunting the high scores of one’s friends was the ultimate goal in video games.

* Three difficulty settings
* Endless gameplay
* Rapid Fire power-up to increase the rate of fire
* Triple Shot power-up to maximize the spread
* Speed Boost power-up to help evade enemies
* Shield power-up for some breathing space
* Nukes, for when the screen is just crawling with bad guys
* High score leaderboards, one for each difficulty
* Stage leaderboards, to see who held out the longest
* A special kind of enemy – you’ll know it when you see them
* Support for all kinds of MFi game controllers
* Also plays with the Apple TV Siri Remote
* No in app purchases, especially no consumables
* Buy once, play all you want on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Pricing and Availability:
Cosmos – Infinite Space will be available in the App Store for iOS and tvOS on October 30th for $2.99 (USD) or similar local prices. TestFlight invitations and/or promo codes for the media are available upon request. Please contact Alexander Repty for further information.Cosmos – Infinite Space
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Alexander Repty has been developing software for Mac OS X since 2004, when he aqcuired his first Macintosh. He released his critically-acclaimed Mac OS X freeware Lab Tick in 2006 which has had over 100,000 downloads since. In 2010, Alexander released Folio Case for iPad, a beautifully simple PDF reader. In 2011, he created Foodish, an innovative and fun diet tracker. With the release of the new Apple TV in 2015, Alexander started designing and developing games and in October released his first game, Cosmos – Infinite Space. Copyright (C) 2015 Alexander Repty. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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