“Coronavirus Memories: A Children’s Workbook” by Dr Zoe Graham

ISBN #978-1839752995
“Coronavirus Memories: A Children’s Workbook” by Dr Zoë Graham is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

About the Book:
This timely and delightfully illustrated workbook for children (5-11 years) touches on many typical difficulties faced by young people through Covid-19 and lockdown. It provides a gentle structure to process and preserve memories for the future with a positive focus and elicits coping strategies for the main challenges (angry, sad and scared). The natural style aids children in opening up and initiating discussion with familiar adults whilst introducing the notion that further support exists if needed. A practical and charming tool for home and school use supporting children through the mental health consequences of the novel coronavirus.

About the Author:
Dr Zoë Graham is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, specialising for 20 years in work with children, young people up to 16 years old and their families. She has a degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) from University College London, followed by a Foundation Counselling Course at City University and then she received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (CPsychol) from University of East London in 1998.

She is also a member of the specialist sections on Crisis, Disaster & Trauma, Developmental Psychology and Psychotherapy as well as the specialist section for Independent Practitioners.

The author has worked extensively with the NHS in hospitals, clinics and schools. She now works independently with children and their families in private practice since leaving the NHS in 2006 when starting her own family, and currently helps primary school-aged children cope with the impact of the unfamiliar lockdown and pandemic context.

Reviews of this Coronavirus Memories Children’s Workbook:
“In my daily work, I see so many children who have been upset and worried by various aspects of the recent lockdown, that giving them a chance to think about their thoughts and feelings is the most important step. This little book then becomes really very important, and I recommend it.”

Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
“A wonderful aid for children, who we must remember have had their lives touched by Covid as much as anyone else. This workbook provides an excellent way for them to process all that has happened during these turbulent and uncertain times. A ‘must’ for all.”

Mr Patrick Mattar, Headmaster of Norland Place School

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