CorePump Comes with Two Patents and CMS Certification to Make Workout Safe at Home

CorePump, the dream asset of an expert fitness instructor and inventor Samuel Colby from ESOS Lifestyle Centre, adds to at-home workout safety with its two exclusive patents and CMS certification. This revolutionary equipment designed under the skillful supervision of Brian Tompsett is capable of replacing a whole gym. CorePump comes with an adjustable pedestal platform, isokinetic smart resistance settings, and 66 handle positions making way for users to practice around 500 different exercises and stretches at home painlessly.

Now shipped worldwide, it assures to prove better and safer than other fitness equipment on the market while brightening the future of fitness at home. Working out and keeping fit will be easier than before with compact and medical certified equipment for fitness at home -CorePump is available at an amazing price of $1799. It occupies 2 sq ft of floor space and runs without electricity. So, CorePump is going to contribute to the overall wellbeing of people at home, in offices, studios, and health centers without taking much.

CorePump suits the fitness routine of everyone from starters and rehab patients to athletes, fitness freaks, etc. It weighs around 70lbs, turning out to be the best workout solution at home or other private places during the pandemic situation. With its smart resistance feature, users are at no risk of experiencing muscle pain like in the case of traditional weights. To save exercisers from boring color choices, CorePump is available in black (Tuxedo), grey (Gunmetal), red (Crimson), and purple (violet) color. It includes all the facilities for basic to advance level body workouts. CorePump is reviewed as an excellent home gym machine by genuine users and other fitness promoters.

“We are privileged to bring a revolutionary and safe option for home workout through CorePump that would redefine healthcare and enhance the quality of life of people around the globe as well,” said Samuel Colby, Founder of CorePump and Owner of ESOS Lifestyle Centre. “We know how necessary physical activity is for adults and teens to stay away from cardio, pulmonary, and cardiovascular diseases. CorePump is CMS-approved for its lasting effect on strengthening heart health with regular use. We would like our customers to take advantage of this complete fitness equipment at home, keeping healthy and safe at any time.’’

Easy to set up, use, and reflect the utmost perfection in design while undergoing revision for the last ten years, CorePump assures to make fitness workout at home comfortable and fun for anyone in every age group. Many fitness specialists, doctors, and industry executives have been using this equipment at flexible hours and keeping in shape without any issues. To bring it home, visit here!!

About the Company/Product:-
CorePump is an innovative home workout equipment invented by expert fitness trainer Samuel Colby in 2006 and launched with absolute perfection in 2016. It is based on the smart technique of isokinetic resistance for ultimate comfort and painless experience in complete body workout. The compactness and safety features of the machine allow everyone to train, strengthen, and stretch with ease at home. For more details click on:

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