Coolangatta Medical Center Offers Bulk Bill Skin Cancer Checks in Gold Coast

Coolangatta Medical Center is an GPA accredited medical practice that is committed to providing healthcare at patients’ convenience. They are a group of medical professionals in Coolangatta specializing in total patient healthcare. It is their priority to establish a dedicated relationship with their patients, and their goal is to help them achieve optimal health through excellent continuity of care. They have both male and female doctors. Their areas include family medicine, aged care, skin cancer medicine, women’s health, and travel medicine.

“At Coolangatta Medical Center, we assist heart patients to understand their condition better and take the necessary precautions to avoid heart attacks,” commented the company spokesperson. “Coronary heart disease, for example, affects a lot of people and can cause heart attack and chest pain. Risk factors for this condition include obesity, smoking, age, family history, and diabetes. A healthy lifestyle and medication can help reduce the risks of developing coronary heart disease. We conduct check-ups to help detect and prevent the disease. Our doctors, nurses, and dieticians can assist patients in managing their condition.”

Coolangatta Medical Centre is a group of medical professionals brought together by a common purpose: to enhance the health and happiness of their patients. As a whole, their main objective is not only to look after the patient’s holistic well-being but to look after the well-being of the community as well. They welcome patients from all backgrounds at any stage in their lives.

“As we age, our health care needs change. Our bodies are slowing down and changing, and this means that the type and level of health care we require are different from that provided when we were younger,” explained the company spokesperson. “The doctors at Coolangatta Medical Centre understand and take the time to offer individuals with a great range of strategies to keep themselves moving and to protect their health. Whether it be easy exercises they can do at home, advice on eye or bone health, or medications to resolve cholesterol or blood pressure issues, the team at Coolangatta Medical Centre will make sure they are fully informed about their health and the things that they can do to stay healthy and live safely.”

Coolangatta Medical Centre is an excellent choice for patients searching for medical centres in Tweed Heads as the practice is next to Tweed Heads. The firm prides itself on its medical practice team, which comprises doctors, podiatrists, audiologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and cardiologists. They pride themselves in carrying out their commitment to the holistic health and happiness of all of their patients.

About Coolangatta Medical Center

Coolangatta Medical Centre is committed to the health and wellbeing of their clients and their families. They offer comprehensive medical services to people and the local community. Coolangatta Family Doctor offers a range of allied health services, including psychology, audiology, physiotherapy, and many more. Besides, the family practice has professional medical doctors who conduct detailed bulk bill skin cancer check in Gold Coast for pension, concession and DVA card holders and children under 16.

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