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[] Jaipur, India – We live in a generation of iPhones and iPads, they comes in black and white but the support of color on these generation Y devices are enormous. iPhone 5 with its Ratina display and 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi are practically a riots of colors. Still in this age our next generation is lacking the colors recognize and color mixing ability.

With these views in mind, and to add more color in our lives, B24 e Solutions, a forerunner on the Mobile application and game development forte, has come up with a fun-filled learning experience on colors via its new iPhone application, Cool Mixer.

Cool Mixer by B24ESolutions, is an interactive and colorful game application, helping to learn more about colors and specially its various combinations. You will get addicted of this application of color. Let us see a bit more about the application:

There are 3 sections of the game:

Color Lab:
* Laboratory for experiment
* Tap on color bucket to choose colors
* Shake it to mix
* Get the resultant color
* Experiment with colors as many times as you want
* Broaden your imagination

Guess the color:
* Color Quiz
* Tap on the color bucket to choose colors
* Shake it to mix
* Guess the resultant color from the given four options
* Elevate your knowledge of colors

Reach to color:
* Color Mission
* Choose the target color
* Tap on the color bucket to choose colors
* Shake it to mix to reach to the target color
* Polish up your color fusion

There are three very interesting and entertaining features of the game app that will bind you up with colors.

First feature is “Color Lab”. You are experimenting with colors as many times as you want. You are adding colors in the glass and shaking it to get the resultant color. It is a small color laboratory where there is no limit of mixing colors except your imagination.

Second feature is “Guess the Color”- A small colorful quiz to test your understanding of colors. You are mixing colors in the glass and shaking it to get 4 options of colors. You are now guessing the correct resultant color from the given four options. In this game, the way of your thinking and ability to recognize the colors well, is helping you to conquer over colors.

Third and very interesting feature of this game app is broadening the spectrum of your knowledge of colors- “Reach to Color”. You are going on a color mission where you are choosing a target color. Give wings to your imagination and thinking ability. Choose colors, and mix them to match with the target color. Elevate your color recognition ability with this app.

A very interactive and eye-catching interface will entertain you to its fullest. Smooth and Seamless flow of the game app will give you a very nice experience to entertain and educate your kids about different colors and its combinations.

You are mixing colors from different color buckets into a glass. Shaking this glass to mix the colors well and thus getting a resultant color of mixed colors.

I loved the game app and its features as it helped me a lot to learn about colors. You completely feel like you are flying with colorful rainbows.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy this game app. It is just a simple and educative app that helps to understand you about colors. It helps to elevate your imagination and creativity. If you love colors, it is the best app for you to enjoy.

Please send us your suggestions or any other feedback’s regarding this application at contact page. We would love to hear from you! Hope you love using the application as much as we had fun creating it.B24 E Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cool Mixer 1.0
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