Contacts on steroids: Intro 1.0 for iPhone launched today

[] Auckland, New Zealand – Intro Limited today is proud to announce the worldwide release of their new contacts and personal network management tool, Intro 1.0 for iPhone. Intro focuses on learning names, recognizing faces, and retrieving information about people you’ve met. It’s like Contacts, on steroids.

Intro solves three primary problems:
* How can I quickly record information about people I meet, so I don’t forget them?
* How can I find information about those people later, when I can only recall fragments?
* How can I learn people’s names, so that they just pop into my head when I see the person again?

Founder (aka. Intro’s Origin Story):
Intro is the work of Dr Duncan Babbage: “I qualified as a clinical psychologist in New Zealand. A main focus of my doctoral research and subsequent clinical practice was on neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. I’ve always had problems with identifying people out of context, and even more with learning and recalling people’s names. I’d never forget my actual loved ones, but some days I couldn’t even pull up the names of colleagues and acquaintances I knew reasonably well. I got great at covering for it, but maybe you know how terrible that feels at times. Inspired by my work with people with significant memory problems after brain injuries, I realized neuropsychological research on errorless learning could help to address my own issues with learning people’s names. I initially built a tool simply for myself. I used it for several years to learn people’s names, and to keep track of the several thousand people I have met since. Even knowing the research that said an errorless learning approach would work, I was thrilled and amazed as I experienced the result. Seeing a person again and having their name just pop into my head, honestly for me it felt like unlocking a superpower! Meanwhile, along the way I heard from a lot of other people who reported a similar need. Intro is the result–a tool to help everyone connect more effectively with people.” Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro.

The Intro App:
Personally coded by Duncan, Intro brings together his personal experience of these issues, and the expertise in how to address them, into a powerful productivity tool that is designed for how your brain works. Add people, make connections, create groups, and add a dated history of notes on each. Dial up avatars for people using our custom illustrations, and you can then use an avatar search later to identify people out of context. Meanwhile Intro’s Learn tool, based on neuropsychological research on errorless learning and spaced retrieval, is remarkably effective at making a person’s name just pop into your head. Finally, if a user enables the feature, Intro will sync with their iPhone Contacts, enabling users to manage all contact fields in either app.

Private by Design:
Intro is a native iPhone app, exclusively for iOS 10 and newer. User-entered and synced data remains on customer devices–it is not uploaded to Intro’s servers (essentially, we have none) nor to any other service. “How secure are my servers? I don’t even have a server. Your data stays on your device. Period. This isn’t a social network, and it’s not a communication platform. The Intro app isn’t about you sharing your personal network with me, or with anyone else. It’s a completely private tool you use, for your own benefit.” Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro.

Feedback from Intro users:
“Perfect tool to use where instead of losing track after having met someone once, you can do a better job of locking that information into your head to make it easier to access in the future.” – 44 year old business owner.

“It’s a great tool for learning names and faces. This has such a broad appeal–think every new starter at a company or anyone involved in business development. I also really enjoyed the thinking behind the learning–we learn from success not failure. I also found it useful for keeping a record of people I don’t see regularly but should know if I do meet them– councillors and other people on the edge of my usual business.” – Ben, 39 year old contractor.

“For the last decade, I’ve noticed that nouns–names of people and plants–come less readily to mind. So I’ve been motivated to use Intro, to record the names and photos of the people in the retirement village where I am. And particularly too the names of plants around our home, that I’ve known before but seem to have more trouble recalling now. This is one way of refusing to settle for that.” – Lois, aged 82 years.

A One Person Multinational:
Intro was planned, designed, and all app development was undertaken by Duncan Babbage. The extent of contracted work for the project was the custom avatar illustrations made for Intro by Emma Scheltema of Emma Scheltema Illustration. Intro is available today in all 155 iOS App Store countries. As such, Intro is an example of how technology platforms like the iPhone and iOS App Store have in recent years enabled one-person companies to become global exporters, with customers throughout the world.

Device Requirements:
* Designed for iPhone
* Requires iOS 10 or higher
* Compatible with all versions of iPhone 5 and newer, including iPhone SE

Partnership Model:
Intro’s business model is a subscription-based partnership with Intro users. Intro Limited is a bootstrapped (self-funded) company and is not seeking external investment. Instead, it is focused on building a viable business in partnership with committed users. Intro’s users will be people who recognize the value in ensuring there is a viable business behind a productivity app that they rely on. A subscription model squarely aligns the interests of Intro’s users and Intro Limited.

The Intro app is free to download, with the free version providing contacts management. A one-month free trial is available to unlock the full features of the app, such as the errorless learning tool, avatar creation and physical features search. Ongoing use of these app features requires a monthly subscription (US $2.49, Euro 2.49, GBP 2.29, Yuan 16.00, Rs 189, A $3.49, NZ $3.99/month, similar prices in other local currencies). If a user ends their subscription, they can continue to access all data they’ve created in the app during any previous subscription period, and can continue to do contact management. Customers who begin a free trial and continue their subscription during the initial launch period will be identified as Intro Foundation Customers. Intro plans to look after our Foundation Customers. Intro is available today from the iOS app store worldwide.

Review Copies Available:
Intro is available to the public today for download in the iOS App Store. Duncan is pleased to provide review copies of Intro to media. To request a download code, contact Duncan.

Founder Available For Interview:
Founder and developer Dr Duncan Babbage is available for media interviews, via email, phone/online voice or video chat, and live or pre-recorded podcast interviews. He is happy to discuss health technology, using technology to assist cognitive functioning, and/or to discuss the Intro app specifically. Duncan previously hosted a podcast for three years as inaugural Senior Media Editor of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, so believes he can be a low-maintenance remote interviewee. Duncan is based in Auckland, New Zealand (UTC +13 hrs) but is willing to schedule interviews at times that suit your time zone and your deadline, not his.Intro 1.0
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Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Intro Limited was founded in 2017 by Duncan Babbage. Intro Limited publishes the Intro app for iPhone. It is a privately held limited liability company. Duncan Babbage is the sole shareholder. All Material and Software (C) 2018 Intro Limited / All Rights Reserved. Neither Duncan Babbage, the Intro app, nor Intro Limited have any association with several previous discontinued products that used similar product naming. Apple, iPhone, iOS, App Store, and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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