Consultations Now Open for Child Support Cases With Lerandeau & Lerandeau Divorce and Family Law

For this reason, Lerandeau and Lerandeau Divorce & Family Law attorneys are now making slots available for consultations regarding child support cases.

Child support is intended to help parents support children, though many people have questions about the specifics of child support in Fresno CA. To be fair, child support cases are not always simple to navigate, which can lead to confusion over time.

Cases can be complex or they can be simple, but either way Lerandeau & Lerandeau is happy to assist and provide ample information during consultations. Individuals should be fully aware of all of their options and how their child support payments will be calculated by the courts, which is why a family lawyer is advised when proceeding with filing for child support.

On average, raising a child costs over $230,000; this figure can be difficult to come up with when an individual is attempting to do so by themselves. Child support helps ease the financial burden many parents face when raising children, though it is not always received regularly by individuals.

In fact, more than one hundred million dollars is owed in unpaid child support; a staggering calculation that can lead many people worried about their options when it comes to receiving support. Fresno family lawyers are highly experienced with child support cases and the struggles of receiving payments, so they can help ensure that parents and guardians receive what is needed to support their children.

These lawyers can aid in beginning the process of filing for child support, filling out paperwork, delivering documents to the correct places, and more. Individuals will also be able to speak with an attorney about concerns they have regarding payments and how the process works. When it comes to child support in Fresno, nobody knows more than the law professionals at Lerandeau and Lerandeau Divorce & Family Law.

Family law attorneys at Lerandeau and Lerandeau Divorce & Family Law are dedicated to getting their clients the best outcome possible when dealing with issues involving the courts and loved ones. These professionals have several decades of experience, reinforcing their reputation as the top family law attorneys in Fresno and the surrounding area.

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