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[] Miami, Florida – On November 19, 2015 Justin Fletcher, a Computer Science student at Florida International University in Miami, will release his first full mobile game, LED – Laser Evasion Dynamics. LED is a laser dodging gauntlet arcade style game filled with high-intensity, high-speed, and skill-testing obstacles. Brilliantly rendered laser environments and a riveting soundtrack set it apart from other mobile arcade games.

A beaming gauntlet of 100 high-speed, skill-testing laser obstacles, in brilliantly rendered laser environments. Touch to beginning swiping and dashing your arrow in the direction indicated, and prepare to dodge lasers like never before. THIS GAME GETS DIFFICULT. With a score multiplier that boosts every time you play, your potential for higher scores, more levels, and valuable collectibles boosts with it. How high can you take your multiplier and score? Laser-rendered environments, geometric bosses, a riveting soundtrack and more await.

LED – Laser Evasion Dynamics is the creation of Justin Fletcher, a Computer Science student at FIU. After spending years learning game design working on smaller projects alone and with teams, Fletcher has decided to take his skill to the next level by producing a complete, original arcade experience for mobile devices. “I wanted something simple to play, but at the same time exciting in terms of audio and visuals.” says to Fletcher. “I got just that, and it’s something unique when compared to other mobile arcade games.”

LED features a riveting, intense, and feature film quality soundtrack. The 5 tracks in LED come from the album StarFighter by an independent electronic music duo called Night Runner. Justin Fletcher, the developer of LED, contacted Night Runner and established a partnership to have their music appear in LED. For more on Night Runner and to listen and download their music, visit their webpage.

LED will be available for iOS and Android devices on November 19. To learn more visit Justin Fletcher’s website. Fletcher is also active on Twitter. For additional information on LED, screenshots, and videos, check out the game’s website.LED – Laser Evasion Dynamics Official Site
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Justin Fletcher has been working on various game projects part-time since 2009 as both a hobby as well as collaborate on larger projects. Working in Miami, Florida, Justin is now solely focused and committed to game design and development. Copyright (C) 2015 Justin Fletcher. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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