Coming Soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch: ESI-CODE BREAKERS

[] Calgary, Canada – Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce the upcoming game ESI-CODE BREAKERS for iOS. Compete against friends or challenge code breakers around the world in this multi player, 1 touch, all action code breaking game.

Captured by the evil time travelling Doctor Flemstein, you have to try and escape Stacword Island by deactivating a series of force fields that guard a hidden service tunnel.

1 Player mode:
* Provides a choice of 3 game modes – Fresh fish, Pro and Hacker with an unlimited number of levels
* The further you progress, the more points you play for and the more difficult the challenge becomes
* If you’re one of the best escape artists, you’ll rise to the top of the game centre high score table

2 Player Mode:

This is where the game really comes into its own. Challenge your friends and code breakers around the world to a best of 5 match up. Test your code breaking skills in simultaneous action through 5 rounds of puzzles.

You get round by round updates plus overall final scores to see who’s the best. In case of a tie, the fastest time to solve each puzzle is highlighted. The points maybe shared, but a moral victory is gained by setting the most fastest times.

The action is fast and furious as you don’t know how well your opponent has done until the end of each round. Unlike most two player games, the gameplay has been carefully designed so that Anyone can beat Anyone. It’s all about logic, problem solving and staying cool as the timer ticks down.Bluespiral Solutions
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