COLT 1.2 is out – livecoding tool with JavaScript support

[] Petrovac na Moru, Montenegro – Code Orchestra has released version 1.2 of its application for real-time monitoring and debugging (livecoding). Coupled with a code editor, it gives a developer the work result instantly: an application changes just as the code is being typed – there’s no need to spend time on compiling and previous state restoring. COLT, initially designed for ActionScript development, now supports JavaScript and today’s most popular JS libraries. Another feature of the new version is a simplified user interface influenced by responsive web design: clean icons and forms, lots of white space.

COLT’s unique features include:
* Livecoding of anonymous functions without any limitations of where the function is defined, whether it’s nested inside another function or not.
* Support of jQuery, node.js and other popular libraries.
* Fail-safe execution of infinite loops or recursions.

That’s what JavaScript development tools market has not seen before.

Moreover, features familiar to the JavaScript developers are also implemented in COLT. For instance, Live Reload: a page opened in browser is reloaded when the HTML, CSS, images, etc are modified.

COLT also bundles jQuery plugin allowing to handle the pages parts update events without reloading.

About livecoding. It’s a way of writing and monitoring the program, when updated code and images are delivered to the running application, and no data is lost – the application preserves its state.Code Orchestra

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